Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Interactive Project Life

Sometimes I surprise myself.
This week i actually had a few too many photos for a one page spread but not enough for a double so i wanted to make a teeny tiny mini album to include in my Project Life. OK making it was easy but how to include it as i wanted everyone to be able to see the photos.
After not much thought i came up with this
I cut a slit in one of the pockets and put the last page of the mini behind it and that left the rest outside of the page protector for people to flick through. Love it. So simple.

So here is week 4.
Terrible photo of me but who cares its me. I found this cute Journal reading card in my stash i had been waiting to use and as i am a book worm it didn't have way enough room to record the books i had read since Christmas. It normally takes me about two or three days to read a book, so about 2-3 per week is a pretty good average.
Again i used some washi tape and a little bit of stamping.
During the week i received a clothes package in the mail that was wrapped in this beautiful orange tissue and instead of throwing it away i made it into flowers. So still going with my interactive theme i stuck this on top of the page protector.
As it's only tissue it will flatten over time so it wont create too much bulk, but it does add some texture.
Love all this touch feely stuff.
I started back to work today, only a couple of hours a day this week, ease myself in gently, oh it's a hard life.
Have a great week everyone.


Scarlett said...

Oh good golly Miss Molly!!! I am flipping my wig over this spread for real! Its so spectacular! The teeny mini is making me giddy beyond belief - I seriously want to take a gazillion photos in one week just so I can make one :) Its darling. Love that you included a photo of yourself you not particularly fond even though I think you're a lovely lady! I too am a book worm - fly through them and my hubby says he doesn't know how in the world I even enjoy the book at the rate I read - I say no worries dear I do. ;) So yeah it was hectic at our joint this weekend but I did manage to gather supplies together so at least I have some items all stored in one place for PL and am feeling mighty excited!! I'll be doubling up through Feb. to back track with one week of Jan and hopefully keep up on Feb. oh so thrilling!!! Looking forward to new adventures and I have to say before I go that your orange flower is the bomb! Love orange, love tissue paper, love texture!!! Its super and once again you've inspired me to fullest!!! You're the best project lifer around!! :) Sending love and hugs to you! xo Scarlett

suzitee said...

Very very cool Linda...love that you can lift the flap, and really love that your embellishing on top of the page protectors...looks awesome!

dawn said...

WOW, look at this awesome page. So much to love, the mini is TOOOOO CUTE, the orange flower, your CUTE picture, aawww love the two of you with grandma, YUMMY FOOD, great date card and YEA FOR BOOKS. See lots to love here.

I could only read the Clive Cussler books you had, my hubby LOVES these too. You really do read a lot, that's great. My reading is mostly magazines adn Danilee Steele books.

I have my week 4 posted and working on week 5 which is totally fun and new already. Was going to make it a one pager but with Ali Edwards idea to do a Day in the Life today it will be a 2 page spread.

Thanks so much for sharing all this fun today!!