Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Journal Your Christmas 2012

Hi there, i hope you are all well
I did promise in my last post to show you my JYC, a lot of other photos you have probably seen on my Instagram account, if not feel free to browse away on the link on your right.

Now i have never done a December daily as it didnt really suit my life style, by that i mean that my kids are older and we just dont attend the end of school plays, functions christmas parties etc that you would do with young children, as you know my children are all grown up. Over the last couple of years we seem to have lost the christmas spirit, although i used to mumble and grumble at getting up at two then three then four in the morning of christmas day you kind of miss all that now when your children would sleep in until noon if you let them and the excitemnt on their little faces when they unwrapped a present and how there used to be hundreds of presents and now as they get older we spend more but the presents are fewer and in most cases are something that my children have asked for so there is no surprise.. Then there was my dad he was perhaps the biggest kid of anyone and really loved christmas, ahhh so all in all i miss christmas THEN as you all know i have started stalking following Shimelle and read up on her JYC class, perfectamoondo, this was just what i needed.

This class runs from the first December up until January the sixth which is the twelfth day of christmas another reason i had to do it-dad always went on about the twelve days of christmas. Anyway you get sent two prompts each day one for journaling and one for photos. You can do all or as little as you like. I just liked the fact that we were given different things to photo, things i had never thought of and heaps of photography tips and scrapping videos.

I did this two ways, i have a book like a diary that i did all of my journaling in and let me tell you on the first day i had tears running down my face as i was writing about my dad and christmas. Some days i wrote heaps and some days nothing and some days just note points, it all depended on what i felt like doing. Some of the prompts were hard like what was your favourite childhood christmas gift. Boy i cant remember what i got last christmas let alone 30 years ago. Any way after a couple of days of thought all these memories came back to me that i had forgotten it was amazing. My diary/journal is only for me. I then started a mini album and am still going, a page here and a page there, i am having an absolute ball, so here are some of my pages
I have been hoarding this album for about the last five years, its a Making Memories one.
Never would have thought to take a photo of my friends hands
I have included the first card we received and one of the cards i made this year.
This page was a direct lift of one of the videos from Shimelle, i just happened to have the same papers.
I included one of the tags i made for all the presents i wrapped and even kept some pretty sparkly wrapping from gifts i was given (thanks Tracey)
this page is about what traditions you have and its my favourite.
surprises from far away places (thanks Dawn)
details from the day
more details
and some some instax photos.

i still have quite a few pages to do and when this is finished it will be put away with the christmas quilts etc and brought out next year as a kind of decoration for everyone to look at.
Once you have signed up for this class you get it for life so next year we will be sent prompts and it all begins again.
Bring it on i say and thank you Shimelle this really worked for me and i enjoyed christmas so much more even putting up the tree.


dawn said...

So happy to see these pages Linda, LOVE LOVE THEM!! Each one is special and made with love!! So glad you found this class to help you thru the hard part of Christmas!! I can't wait to see more and do this again NEXT CHRISTMAS!! Like that you kept a journal on the side but also did the scrapping part too, will keep this in mind for next year.

Thanks so much for putting the card in there, I loved making it. Already working on ideas for next Christmas cards.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pages!

Tracey said...

This is beautiful Linda and I am so glad that I got to see it in real life. I loved this class also, it will be great to look back in 12 months time and see what we were thinking.
love me :-)

Tracey said...

Oh looks fabulous! Love what you are creating, you have been busy!!