Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's time to meet George

It has been a couple of weeks now since i first met George at my good friend Marys house. Oh he is so cute and so strong and very quiet. It was love at first sight.
I came home and asked Andrew if i could have a very early birthday present (May 30th) and get a George as i was going to call him George as well. No! he said.
So as we all do i kept mentioning it (nagging) and said that he doesn't make much mess and that i would gladly clean it up.
We had now gone from a NO to a "I'll think about it"
but on Saturday he said lets go and find a George
then there was no stopping me
so here he is
all dark and handsome and very stylish

Oh he makes the best coffee ever and so very quiet and hardly any mess.

There are over 16 types of coffee that you can get, it will be a hard life deciding on my favourite, they come in pods like this.

and the taste-yum and the froth is thick like marshmallow, oh i just love my George.
here's my very first try at a cafe style Latte.

mmmm mmmmmmm just look at the froth.
why is he called George? you might ask-well George Clooney does all of the ads for him on telly so alas we have our George.
I wish i could make you all one coz it really is impressive, if you are ever in my neck of the woods drop in and i will make you one.
off to work now
see ya


Tracey said...

I'll be over shortly. I can't believe Andrew gave in. You lucky girl.
loveme :-)

suzitee said...

When can I come? Oh...that's right...I don't drink coffee. Maybe now is a good time to start? Welcome to the texmorg house George...hee hee!

Rumi said...

Ohh, I wouldn't mind seeing George each morning! Yum!

Tiff said...

Ohhhhh....George is very yummy! I do wish I was a bit closer! X

Tracey said...

I like your George better than mine! I call my toasted grill thingy "George" thats Forman.
Love the look of that Latte :)

Jenni said...


I thought you'd gone and got yourself a puppy!!!

Does it make Chai Latte???

~Olga said... you, Linda! Enjoy your coffee. :)