Monday, March 28, 2011

the photos-second time lucky

Caitlin's new hair cut

my first card that was too girly

my grungy card and i must say one of Andrews favourites
OK if you didn't visit yesterday then you need to go and read that post-that explains the photos. I had problems uploading my photos, hopefully these have worked.

and Tiff i can understand your acrylic stamp addiction, you just need to ask my crafting buddies Tracey and Susan and they can vouch for my stamp addiction oh and my gadget addiction, actually i have a few.

alrighty of course i forgot to take some photos of the bathrooms before they were demolished so i may just go and sneak a couple.



suzitee said...

That girl of yours is so photogenic Linda! Her new haircut looks gorgeous.
Loving the cards...I think the first would have done the trick (not so girly) but the second is perfect. Photos...go take some photos!

Tiff said...

Love that haircut she looks gorgeous! I also love that second card it is fantastic! X

PS we can NEVER let Mr Tiff know exactly how many stamps I actually have.... or how my they cost! Hehehe! X

Tracey said...

Love the photo of the girls, they look gorgeous.
I don't think words can truly explain your stamp/tool fettish. LOL but at least I know where to go if I need something.
Hows George? Not fair.
Love me :-)

Janellybelly said...

It was worth the wait to see the photos ;) Love the haircut and the cards!

Rumi said...

Both cards turned out great!
Very cute girls-both of them!

~Olga said...

Wow, really nice cards, Linda and love the new hair cut! :)

Jenni said...

Loving Caitlin's hair and the cards are lovely.

And George???????????????????????

Can't wait to see the bathrooms when they are done!

Tori said...

Very pretty cards Linda!! The guitar one looks cool too :)
Pretty hair cuts!

Tori xx

Tracey said...

Caitlinn is so photogenic...her hair looks great. Great cards, love the use of stamps. I have my fair share of stamps too....Looking forward to meeting George?