Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In The Summer Time

Last Saturday the weather was buuutiiiiiiiful, not to hot or humid and the sun was shining. So Andrew and i decided to go out to lunch. When the weather is this perfect we usually head down to the Iron Bark Brewery which is in the Swan Valley (5mins from our front door) and we  share this yummy platter. What could be more perfect. (and now that i have the new bute I phone 4 i took some snaps and boy did they come out great)
so here is our lunch-such a shame you all couldn't come and join us especially my bloggy friends in the US, you could spend all day here amongst the grapevines  listening to some great music, eating and drinking.
a very quick lay out made with Echo Park everything.

I have made my second gift bag to go with last months Labelcrew only two left now.

but boy oh boy i can see a whole lot made in christmas fabric.

Now if you follow Susan's blog and Tracey's you will know that we have started on a big project that will take us through to next year, its a quilt called A Family Gathering happily referred to by us as "the Caravan Quilt" because one of the blocks has a caravan on it.

here is my first block

you should go and check out the girls blocks as our colour/fabric choices are so different and it really is amazing how the same pattern looks so different (if you know what i mean)

I am lucky to have an extra day of today so a lot of craft has already been done and my postie just delivered my Papertray Ink stamps and dies that i have been waiting, waiting for so i am of to play some more.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings once again and welcome to all of my new followers, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment it makes me feel very special.


ANIA said...

This gift bag is awsome! I want one :)

Have a great day!
Ania (Poland)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Ironbark Brewery sounds like a fun place - will have to check that out next time we are in the Swan Valley. Your House block turned out beautifully. Can't wait to see what you make next month.

suzitee said...

Ooooohh all your goodies look so yummy! Love your house block...such gorgeous fabrics you've got there :) and good on you for making the extra birthday bag...only 2 to go! (STILL no labels for me, so I still have 4 to go...LOL)
Your platter photo is making me hungry.

Tiff said...

That day at the brewery sounds so lovely! I could do with a day like that! Those bags are just fabulous! I also relate only too well to that wonderful feeling of when something arrives ready to play with! Have fun! X

Tracey said...

I zoomed right in on that platter Linda.......how yummy! I sure wish I had the time to do all that quilting, (I need to learn first) its just beautiful! Look forward to seeing more.

~Olga said...

Linda, Your lunch outing looked good, and good for you on getting an I phone -it took great pictures. Your layout and bags are great! Olga :)

missusem said...

Cute bag! LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much.. :) :)

PinkBlingCrafter said...

YUMMY!! I zoomed in to and boy did it make me hungry especially since I haven't had lunch:) The gift bag is just so fabulous Linda!!! and OMG the house block is fabulous too!!BTW the ruler did come with the hole but I used the crop a dile to punch through the paper and used PVA glue to stick the DP:) Have a fantastic weekend!!