Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Brief

was to make a 21st card
which i did
and i even used one of my very favourite, special pins that i didn't really want to part with, but i was happy with the outcome
sorry poor photo.
then i find out that the brief had changed, the lady wanted a card that wasn't to girly as the 'girl' was the guitarist in a band.
hmm ..grunge is so not me
but i came up with this

and i must say am very happy with the way it turned out. I used one of my new stamp sets from Stampin Up.
so hopefully the lady will be happy with this one.

now caitlinn has had all of her hair chopped off so here she is on friday night with her bf Brie

(just thought you might like to see)
 i have been so busy crafting away that i haven't had time or to be honest the inclination to post anything, sorry i know thats rude as you all share your wonderful creations. I cant say that it will be any better for the next couple of weeks as our two bathrooms are getting completely gutted and revamped (note to self-must take photos) and we have a new house member that i will have to introduce you to as well his name is George, but that had better wait for tomorrows post.

i hope that you are all well and not working to hard.
edited to add that for some reason my photos have not loaded and yet they are there in the preview, please let me know if you can see them


Tracey said...

Can't see the pics Linda.

suzitee said...

Nope, no photos here either....and I need to see these cards of yours! I'm still laughing my head off about George...too funny!

Tracey said...

Sorry no photo's here and I am totally jealous about George. Still want to know how you pulled it off.
Loved Friday night, such a fun night.
Love me :-)

Tiff said...

Can't see the pics! I would love to see the card too! I bought an inked set of stamps (tattoo art style) just to do some grunge for my niece and nephew! it is actually lots of fun! I am addicted to clear stamps, and have bought loads of inks, so it gives me a chance to play!
I have been meaning to tell you about that musk essence you asked about, it is totally like musk lollies, but only available in specialty cake decorating stores, and my local one shut down.... So now I buy it online, along with my tuti -fruti and licorice flavors! No plain icing at our house!!!!! X

TammyJ said...

No photos here either though I have read that Blogger are having photo loading issues that are only happening in conjunction with IE6 and IE7 so if you are using on of those browsers that might be why. :)