Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Pails

It seems like ages ago but it was only last Friday that 'the three of us' caught up for our monthly Sweetwater sewing night.
This is what we made with our label kit
Some oh so cute Easter pails/buckets

this is a close up of some of the labels we received
and here is a close up of one all on its own.

again all three of us went for different colours and i must say that unusually for me mine was the brightest could be the fact that the only canvas i could get was bright pink or red and red doesn't go real well the sunkissed fabric line.
Here's the link for Susan's blog and
Here's the link for Traceys blog
The link to Sweetwater if you want to have a look at their blog and wonderful fabrics/labels is in my blog list.
PS the buckets are bigger than i thought, i bought 35 eggs thinking that i would fill all three, and i can stuff all 35 into the 1 pail, that's probably why the one pictured in the photo looks a little wonky. Might need to find a big bunny to go in there and just a few eggs.
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend.


Tracey said...

Love those sweetwater sewing nights and love the pails. I have just briefly walked away from Pinterst... only briefly but must go back now, I must, I must. Oh god I think I need therapy.
love me :-)

Maree: said...

Your Easter Pales are Gorgeous..Love the Labels.
have purchased some of their iron-on labels..soo cute.
Popping over from Bloom's Blog..

Rumi said...


TammyJ said...

Oh they are gorgeous Linda! It sounds like fun!

Tiff said...

I just love these little fabric pails! They are just so cute! I was thinking of doing a fabric basket each for the children's teachers for Easter, you have totally inspired me! X

suzitee said...

yummy yummy yummy...these look adorable all together! The handles came together really nicely too (LOLOLOLOLOLOL). Must get going on my other one too...

Katherine Thomas said...

Linda! So good to see a post from you. I've been wondering what you might come up with for easter! How cute! I want one of those little pails!

Tori said...

Very cute pales Linda! What a great easter gift!

Tori xx

Jenni said...

Those pales are too cool...Hope the Easter eggs last a few more weeks!!

Tracey said...

Wow! I've been waiting to see these! Just fabulous Linda.....Love them!

PinkBlingCrafter said...

OMG Linda you amaze me with your talent!! Love the pales and the labels too cute!!

~Olga said...

LOve this project, great for Easter. :)