Saturday, October 31, 2009

P Plates & Valedictory Dinner

Okay it's official. Caitlin passed the final bit of her driving test on Thursday and now she can legally drive all on her own. So far she has taken Joe to McDonald's, drove to and from work, taken her work friends to McDonald's for lunch and this evening she wants to take my niece who is here for a sleep over to McDonald's after dinner for an ice cream. I am told this is the norm and after a while she will get sick of McDonald's. Last night we had the pleasure of attending the Valedictory Dinner for the year 12 students at JSR.
I was amazed to say the least (gobsmacked more like it) when i entered the gym. What a transformation. It was stunning, opulent,breath taking, surreal just wonderful. I don't know who did the decorating but they would get my vote anytime. We had a lovely meal and the students all got pens, mugs and their certificates. So here are a few pics to share with you.

Hope that you are having a fun weekend and if you are in the USA then Happy Halloween.


Tammy James said...

Oh the decorations at the dinner look gorgeous Linda1
P plates eeek are you at all nervous about her driving alone?
Congrats Caitlin.

Rumi said...

The gym looked wonderful! What a nice evening.
I'm sure Caitlin is lovin' the driving. You are right, she will soon tire of Mickey D's at the rate she is going! Congrats Caitlin!

suzitee said...

I've been waiting to hear the news...YYYIIPPPPPPPEEEEE Caitlin! I'm so excited for you! I bet it feels weird for you Linda :(
The decorations look fabulous...such a busy time of life for your family. Enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx

Tracey said...

Hi Linda, big congrats to Caitlin and my thoughts go to you Linda. I must say I still have a few more years before Alex gets her licence but I am feeling your pain. It must be nerve racking but for Cailtin Yipeeeeee!
The decs looks fantastic and I am so glad you had a great night. We must catch up soon. love me :-)

Tracey said...

Me again. Check out Ali Edwards, she is the one that does the December Daily, she has done one for a couple of years now. Basically its a record of the first 24/25 days till christmas. The idea is to have the album done then when december his all you have to do is add photo's and journalling. And no I am not baking today, ironing is nest. Miss you too. love me :-)

Jenni said...

Hey Congratulations Caitlin! Well Done, and the decorations look lovely too.

When are you coming to our house?