Tuesday, October 27, 2009

These Two

These two girls Caitlin and Sarah have been to school together since Kindy. I remember their very first day of kindy, Sarah crying and Caitlin trying to console everyone as only a 4 year old can then crying herself as everyone else was crying. Although not BFF's they made different friends once they got to high school but they are still good friends and probably will remain so.
The background had a lot of people in it so i played around with photoshop and painted them out. The paper is of course Basic Grey-Indian Summer, i think this is going to be my all time favourite i love the colours. Journey is made with the Gypsy/cricut and i have written on the buttons things like friends, Morley Primary, JSR and then put dimensional magic over the top so that the writing wouldn't smudge. Oh and if you can see it on the photo a BG Transparency.
When i first started scrapping I would never have dreamed of using such a busy paper as a back ground paper it was plain cardstock all the way, my, how far i have come in my colour choices.
This LO was really easy and came together quite quick and you might ask why i am always doing LO's of Caitlin? Well she has her own camera and is always taking tons of photos and doesn't mind being in them either.
I hope that you are all well and having an OK week. I have just come from the Telstra shop were I have been three times trying to sort out mums phone. Can you believe that they even gave her a new number and then sent it out in Dads name. (the poor thing, my dad passed away nearly three months ago) and please note how i spelt passed the so called manager at the shop (a girl of no more than 20 spelt it .....PAST)need i say more.
Have a good night


suzitee said...

You handle the patterned paper so well though, Linda...and make it look just perfect. Another lovely LO...I would be lost with Indian Summer :)
Can't believe you are STILL having Telstra issues...or maybe I can :( Hopeless.
Have a great week xxx

Rumi said...

Love the page Linda but must admit that I didn't understand a word of what you said about it! LOL!