Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Story of Humphrey

Hi How is everyone today?

When i was helping mum sort through all of their photos i came across this one and a great story went with it so i knew that i would have to scrap it and write the story for future generations to share.

Sorry about the photo it came out a bit shiny.

Humphrey is a slate train that used to go past my mums house every Friday when she was a little girl in Wales.

The train tracks were about a meter from their front door (amazing).

I have used Jenni Bowlin papers they go so well with the photo.We have had beautiful weather here in Perth this weekend it felt like summer yesterday (37) not spring. Anyway when i went outside to photo this LO look what i found.

Lucky me i just happened to have my camera handy.

Oh for the good life.

That's all my shares for the weekend

have a good week ahead




suzitee said...

I hope you've got that story about Humphrey written somewhere on that LO...such a wonderful way to record the memories :)
Oh to be many days of school left?

suzitee said...

Oops...forgot to say how lovely the LO is...great use of circles! JBS is so perfect for these types of pages!
Love me xxxx

Rumi said...

The track was 1 meter from the house! Oh my! I lived in a house that was about a couple hundred feet from the tracks and the whole house would shake every time the train went by!
Your page about it is wonderful and how I wish it was warm enough here to bask in the sun!

Vicki said...

Fantastic layout Linda...especially love the photo!

Jenni said...

Bet that brings tears to your Mum's eyes when she sees it!

Nice photo of Caitlin too...

Vicki said...

don't forget to put up a photo of the toga please!!!