Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's Official

Yes it's official I CANT sew clothes of any sort.
This is my effort of a toga that Caitlin wore for her dress up day on her second last day of school.
Everyone else hired their costumes but i had just had a long hard talk (that finally sunk in,mind you) with Caitlin
about saving her money as next year she will be a poor Uni student.
Well her brain wave to save money was for mum to make a costume instead.
Now all you ladies out there who sew really well you would have had a fit if you saw how i made this. No measuring just a pair of scissors and some not very straight seams and a plate to cut around the neckline. Now we wont talk about the length (mmm too short in my opinion)
but hey who needs to measure i just got my scissors and cut. Anyway they had a great day and yesterday we all went to the Valedictory Assembly and shed a few tears and that is the end of one chapter of her life. Now on to new and exciting things.Tomorrow it's Andrews birthday (DH) so Joe and I made him this Chocolate Fudge Cake. You can get the recipe here
It looks pretty much like the picture so i will let you know what it tastes like.
Last but not least are some cards i made with cuts from the Gypsy/Cricut. I challenged myself to use only scraps from my scrap box which wasn't to hard as there are a lot of scraps there.

That's about it for me today it has been an emotional week with Caitlin's last school days and at work we had to prepare for our year 12's leaving as well. Next weekend is Halloween does anyone celebrate Halloween if so what do you actually do? Please let me know.
Have a nice Sunday-we are out to lunch again after cricket that is.xx


Vicki said...

Very creative cutting and sewing with the toga and it looks fantastic. Great to hear that it all went well.

Rumi said...

I'd say the toga turned out pretty darn good considering you didn't use a pattern and just winged it. Caitlin looks like she was pleased with it.
Happy Birthday to Andrew!

Jenni said...

Great Toga!
I can't believe how quick Caitlin's grown must have been proud.


suzitee said...

Congratulations to Caitlin on finishing school...a very emotional and exciting time for all of you! I think the toga looks great. Happy Birthday to Andrew-his cake looks yummy! Hope you enjoy your lunch out, and he has a great day :)
Great cards too...I imagine your scrap pile is huge xxx

Janellybelly said...

Great effort with the Toga Linda, it's better than what I would've done :) That birthday cake looks divine!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

How exciting to see your daughter at the end of her secondary schooling!Best of luck to Caitlin for her exams next week. The toga looks great - so much nicer than a hired costume.