Sunday, October 11, 2009

Arancini's & SIL's album

Yes I know, it's been a little while since I last did a post.
This is what I have been doing on the school holidays.
Some more pages of my sister in laws 50Th . These papers are very bright and colourful not my usual scene so maybe that's why i have had such a hard time doing this album. Grace's dress is such an unusual colour combo that also has made it difficult for me. I ripped of that dreadful first attempt of the cover and have settled with this instead. Very plain and simple.
More pages

And this arrived during the week so i have been busy playing with it instead of sewing on my rod pockets or sewing the back of my binding. For those of you that don't know what it is, basically its an attachment to my cricut machine. I have told my kids that its my PSP, i even took it to cricket today to play with (naughty me i should have been watching Joe) and yes i know this is confusing cricut-cricket. One is my cutting machine and the other is a sport that Joe plays.

Ever had left over rice or spaghetti sauce and don't know what to do with it? Well here you go-Arancinis-
Now for all you Italians out there I know that this is not the traditional way to make them (my Zia taught me the traditional way) however this way is so much easier and tastier i think. I did get this idea from one of my BF's and she is Italian so here is the very short way to make them.

Mix rice and spaghetti sauce together. Add a very big handful of diced cheese (cubed quite small).
Season to taste, if mixture is dry and wont form into balls add some beaten eggs.
Roll into balls. (the traditional way is more like a pear shape)
Roll in breadcrumbs
Dip in egg
Roll in breadcrumbs again (the double rolling of breadcrumbs gives a much nicer crust)
Deep fry until golden.
These freeze really well and go really great with a salad or just as a snack or as we do in summer with a great big antipasto.
This is a marathon post thanks for reading all the way through.
Have a good week ahead


suzitee said...

Hello you :)
Good to see you haven't given up on Grace's album...I LOVE the new cover, and looks like you are going great guns on the filler pages...YAY!
Still no rod pockets...hmmmm, no comment!
Must be coming up to summer with the cricket season under way. A great opportunity for stitching ( or playing with your new toy LOL)
Don't work too hard tomorrow :(

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

The album looks amazing - I am sure it will be a treasured gift! Enjoy your new toy - I am sure you will put it to good use.

Jenni said...

Mmmmmm! My mouth is watering at those arancinis.