Sunday, November 8, 2009


You know that feeling when you are travelling along OK and then all of a sudden one thing goes wrong then another and another. Well that is what my last two weeks have been like. Only mechanical things thank goodness. First there was the garage door with Caitlin's car stuck inside, then there is the leak in the main bathroom now the pool pump has died, hopefully they can come out and fix it before the pool turns green. Now that is 3 things so OK we have had our turn, someone else's now.
On to more crafty things.
The only craftiness happening here this week (last night actually) was this double lay out.
I like to keep all the little bits and pieces from a night like this to look back on. So i have incorporated them in the LO so that in years to come Caitlin can look back and live the memories. All the papers are Basic Grey-Lemonade and all of the other bits were cut with the Gypsy/cricut using the Gypsy font and Gypsy Wanderings Carts.
Here is some randomness;
I have some dough proving ready to make a loaf and some pizzas.
A lot of you ask about my mum, she is doing really well, to quote her and dad "she is a tough old bird" and extremely fit.
There is only 6 weeks of school left.
Oh OK 5 weeks and 4 days to be exact
I love the Gypsy
Joe's team won their cricket match today
Caitlin slept in until 11.30 (she did work yesterday from 7.30am until 6.00pm)
I just watched the new Star trek movie on DVD whilst i was ironing and NO i am not a Trekker but i did enjoy it.
Joe is looking over my shoulder and said to add that he has broken his thumb and is feeling sorry for himself.
Mmmm i might go and make some cards now
have a good week ahead


suzitee said...

Gosh Linda...I hope your run of bad luck is over! What a disastrous fortnight. Love your LO, and OMG...that title looks awesome! Thanks for the random updates too...I like keeping up with all your news :) Poor Joe, but well done on the win!

Rumi said...

Yes, your turn at bad luck should be over now! Enjoyed your random thoughts--hope Joe's thumb feels better!

Tracey said...

Loved the ramdom thoughts, I think I might do the same. Yes that book was the one on Ali's blog, yes I did enter but sadly didn't win. I have printed my dec 2009 book today and can't wait to use it.