Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Quick Share

Hi how is everyone today. I am great. Just thought that i would share that with you.
Caitlin is out with her form class tonight having a special dinner as they only have 7 more days of school left for their entire life. How exciting.

Here is a goody bag that I made for a friend who wants ideas for Christmas treats for her children to give out too their class mates. Jennifer McGuire has a video on how to make these Here.
It was really easy, I might make a whole lot myself. Here are three cards I made that were designed by Tracey
she is so clever.
I told you it would be quick
I am off to play with my new toy
I LOVE it, if you have a cricut especially the original one you soooo need a Gypsy.
Have a good night/day wherever you are in this world.


suzitee said...

That goody bag is especially cute! Sounds like you are loving your new toy :) I can't believe that she only has 7 days left...that is just scary!

Tammy James said...

Nice goody bags Linda and thanks for your lovely email about the photo. I'm struggling with my online and life balance ATM to much to do in both areas

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the goodie bag idea Linda - thanks for the link. Your Christmas tree stamp is fabulous! Best wishes to your daughter for her final days of school. How exciting to be starting out on the next stage of her life.

Rumi said...

I'm sure your daughter is excited about starting this new chapter in her life!

Love the goody bags and the cards. You clever girl you!