Sunday, October 19, 2008

Safe and Sound

Wow isn't it hot today, I had to weaken and put the a/c on usually I can wait until it gets really hot but it was really hot at work today and I haven't cooled down yet. Here is a snap I took of Caitlin yesterday, she is all grown up and nearly driving. Yesterday morning we went and collected Caitlin's car from her grandparents house (my mum and dads), then we spent half an hour at a car park in Mt Hawthorn with Caitlin driving round and round and me hanging on to the door. Caitlin did extremely well I am very proud of her. I had had enough by then so we came home. On the way home Caitlin said I love driving can I have another go, so when we got home with the neighbours looking on we braved the back streets around us. Before we even got out the drive way I said "now if we come across another car dont PANIC just make sure that you are on the correct side of the road.) As this was the first time on an actual road. Well we took off at great speed 40kms which I thought was miles to fast and the first 2 mins were very scary as Caitlin didn't think that she needed to break going round a corner, I settled down, although I do wish that Caitlin would drive with 2 hands on the wheel- that is very scary. All in all she did extremely well and so did I, no yelling (only once) or screaming. I dont know if I would call it fun but it whas time spent with my daughter which is always precious.
Hope you all have a good week.
XX Linda

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suzitee said...

Look at Caitlin! OMGoodness! What a great photo to have though, even if it's all a little scary. I think when the time comes for me, I'll be paying someone to do the teaching LOL!