Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Friend

I was up last night going through all of my quilting stuff to find a ufo to take to cricket this morning, I needn't have worried there is plenty of unfinished things for me to choose from. Joe had his best game ever, at one stage he was on a hat trick but didn't quite get it. He finished the day with 4 for 5 (or for you people that don't follow cricket that is 4 wickets for 5 runs). So he was very pleased with himself. Here's my latest page of one of my girlfriends who is very near and dear to me. I could have moved the heart down a bit and I am not altogether happy with the flowers, I guess that it didn't turn out as I had pictured it in my mind-oh well you get that-
Am trying to psyche myself up for work tomorrow but aren't having much luck, I will have to start the countdown for the chrissy holidays (I sound just like one of my children).
Well I hope that all is well in your part of the world where ever you are. Have a good week.
XX Linda


suzitee said...

Poor Linda...I don't envy you, having to go to work! Start the countdown to Christmas.
Well done Joe! He must be quite a cricketer.
I hope you are going to share some pics of your quilting UFO!

Tracey said...

Hey girl, love the layout. Not all our layouts can be perfect you know but what is important is that you have done a page that is near and dear to your heart. Never pick holes out of something you do creatively. If it is done from the heart... its perfect. And I thing this LO is perfect. Have a great sunday night and don't work too hard tomorrow.:-)