Thursday, October 2, 2008

Copy Cat

Here's a page that I did today with the new Basic Grey Ambrosia papers, no sewing on this I did however use lots of dimensional magic on the hearts and they are nice and shiny. I copied this idea from MM's blog using the negative space from the circles I cut from my cricut (oops it should be the new slice). The photo is from my mum and dads 55th wedding anniversary that was in 2006 so this year it will be their 57th. WOW. Andrew and I are nearly up to our 20th (we got married on the same day and year as Clori and her husband and we are both expecting eternity rings this December, Aren't we Clori?)
Then again I want a lot of things at the moment - beads for my Pandora and the new MM slice and all the accessories that go with it. I hope that Santa IS VERY RICH..
Well that's enough dreaming.
Remember to tell someone near and dear to you that you love them and if possible go and have a coffee with your mum and dad.

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suzitee said...

A coffee with my Mum and Dad? Together? Now THAT would be something LOL!
Love your new LO...and I love the MM blog too, always very inspiring!
Good luck with the eternity ring...I thought I wanted one of them too, until I met Pandora LOL!