Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday Caitlin turned 18.
Last Saturday we took Caitlin and 20 of her friends out to dinner.
Here is the amazing cake, a marble mud cake. It was YUM
Here we are, the four of us before everyone else arrived.

....and tonight.....well i wont be getting much sleep as Caitlin is going out " night clubbing "....ho hum...i have a headache already. Spent last night giving her a lecture..don't drink too much..don't go outside on your own...don't leave your drink unattended..oh the list goes on. 2am is time limit i don't think i will last much longer than that.
On another note congratulations to JOE who passed his learners permit today and will be driving on the roads (with his L's) tomorrow. Now we just have to workout how we can fit 4 cars in the drive- way.
OK i will be up late tonight at least it will give me a chance to play with all of my new goodies that have been arriving in the post lately.


suzitee said...

You're right Linda...that cake is stunning! Did you get to taste some? Congratulations to Joe on getting his, they sure are growing up!!! Try not to stress too much about Caitlin...she's a sensible girl :)

Tracey said...

Hey Linda I feel for you. I was in your position a bit over a year ago,I gave the same speech, I didn't know how I was going to cope with the lack of sleep! It does get easier........And what a COOL cake!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Glad that Caitlin had a fabulous birthday - what an amazing birthday cake!

hope your new goodies are keeping you busy while you wait up!

Tracey said...

That cake looks fab! Night clubs and another one learning to drive... I feel for you.
And on another... you look amazing.
Love me :-)

TereesaC said...

Hi Linda - great cake, mud cake, my favourite. Happy Birthday to Caitlin, and Congrats to Joe. You all look gorgeous for your big night. I'm not looking forward to this part - nightclubs, etc - maybe I'll join them???? At least you'll get lots of craft done LOL.

Janellybelly said...

I just love the family photo, and Caitlins birthday cake looked amazing.

Tammy James said...

Happy Birthday Caitlin, I hope the clubbing didn't have you too stressed Linda. : )

Shelley said...

Love the cake and hopefully the novelty will wear of going to the clubs my Daughter didnt go very often so I am one of the lucky ones.
And I am sure she will listen to her MUM

Jenni said...

That cake looks sensational!!See you all soon...

Congratulations Joe. Clock up some k's getting to our house!

Rumi said...

Happy belated birthday to Caitlin and congrats to Joe!
Love the cake and family pic! You look great there Linda!

Kris said...

Wow, is that really you?? You look
Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi. Can't wait to see your blanket, please post some photos soon, so i can check it out!