Saturday, October 31, 2009

P Plates & Valedictory Dinner

Okay it's official. Caitlin passed the final bit of her driving test on Thursday and now she can legally drive all on her own. So far she has taken Joe to McDonald's, drove to and from work, taken her work friends to McDonald's for lunch and this evening she wants to take my niece who is here for a sleep over to McDonald's after dinner for an ice cream. I am told this is the norm and after a while she will get sick of McDonald's. Last night we had the pleasure of attending the Valedictory Dinner for the year 12 students at JSR.
I was amazed to say the least (gobsmacked more like it) when i entered the gym. What a transformation. It was stunning, opulent,breath taking, surreal just wonderful. I don't know who did the decorating but they would get my vote anytime. We had a lovely meal and the students all got pens, mugs and their certificates. So here are a few pics to share with you.

Hope that you are having a fun weekend and if you are in the USA then Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

These Two

These two girls Caitlin and Sarah have been to school together since Kindy. I remember their very first day of kindy, Sarah crying and Caitlin trying to console everyone as only a 4 year old can then crying herself as everyone else was crying. Although not BFF's they made different friends once they got to high school but they are still good friends and probably will remain so.
The background had a lot of people in it so i played around with photoshop and painted them out. The paper is of course Basic Grey-Indian Summer, i think this is going to be my all time favourite i love the colours. Journey is made with the Gypsy/cricut and i have written on the buttons things like friends, Morley Primary, JSR and then put dimensional magic over the top so that the writing wouldn't smudge. Oh and if you can see it on the photo a BG Transparency.
When i first started scrapping I would never have dreamed of using such a busy paper as a back ground paper it was plain cardstock all the way, my, how far i have come in my colour choices.
This LO was really easy and came together quite quick and you might ask why i am always doing LO's of Caitlin? Well she has her own camera and is always taking tons of photos and doesn't mind being in them either.
I hope that you are all well and having an OK week. I have just come from the Telstra shop were I have been three times trying to sort out mums phone. Can you believe that they even gave her a new number and then sent it out in Dads name. (the poor thing, my dad passed away nearly three months ago) and please note how i spelt passed the so called manager at the shop (a girl of no more than 20 spelt it .....PAST)need i say more.
Have a good night

Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's Official

Yes it's official I CANT sew clothes of any sort.
This is my effort of a toga that Caitlin wore for her dress up day on her second last day of school.
Everyone else hired their costumes but i had just had a long hard talk (that finally sunk in,mind you) with Caitlin
about saving her money as next year she will be a poor Uni student.
Well her brain wave to save money was for mum to make a costume instead.
Now all you ladies out there who sew really well you would have had a fit if you saw how i made this. No measuring just a pair of scissors and some not very straight seams and a plate to cut around the neckline. Now we wont talk about the length (mmm too short in my opinion)
but hey who needs to measure i just got my scissors and cut. Anyway they had a great day and yesterday we all went to the Valedictory Assembly and shed a few tears and that is the end of one chapter of her life. Now on to new and exciting things.Tomorrow it's Andrews birthday (DH) so Joe and I made him this Chocolate Fudge Cake. You can get the recipe here
It looks pretty much like the picture so i will let you know what it tastes like.
Last but not least are some cards i made with cuts from the Gypsy/Cricut. I challenged myself to use only scraps from my scrap box which wasn't to hard as there are a lot of scraps there.

That's about it for me today it has been an emotional week with Caitlin's last school days and at work we had to prepare for our year 12's leaving as well. Next weekend is Halloween does anyone celebrate Halloween if so what do you actually do? Please let me know.
Have a nice Sunday-we are out to lunch again after cricket that is.xx

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Story of Humphrey

Hi How is everyone today?

When i was helping mum sort through all of their photos i came across this one and a great story went with it so i knew that i would have to scrap it and write the story for future generations to share.

Sorry about the photo it came out a bit shiny.

Humphrey is a slate train that used to go past my mums house every Friday when she was a little girl in Wales.

The train tracks were about a meter from their front door (amazing).

I have used Jenni Bowlin papers they go so well with the photo.We have had beautiful weather here in Perth this weekend it felt like summer yesterday (37) not spring. Anyway when i went outside to photo this LO look what i found.

Lucky me i just happened to have my camera handy.

Oh for the good life.

That's all my shares for the weekend

have a good week ahead



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Guess What's On The Table

Yes it's finally finished. After two years and being shoved to the bottom of my quilting bag it is finally on the coffee table. I cant make up my mind whether to put buttons on the yo-yo's or not , what do you think?
Now that leaves me with the rod pockets, a bag, my amigurumi pear and Caitlin's quilt on my list.
Thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Quick Share

Hi how is everyone today. I am great. Just thought that i would share that with you.
Caitlin is out with her form class tonight having a special dinner as they only have 7 more days of school left for their entire life. How exciting.

Here is a goody bag that I made for a friend who wants ideas for Christmas treats for her children to give out too their class mates. Jennifer McGuire has a video on how to make these Here.
It was really easy, I might make a whole lot myself. Here are three cards I made that were designed by Tracey
she is so clever.
I told you it would be quick
I am off to play with my new toy
I LOVE it, if you have a cricut especially the original one you soooo need a Gypsy.
Have a good night/day wherever you are in this world.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Arancini's & SIL's album

Yes I know, it's been a little while since I last did a post.
This is what I have been doing on the school holidays.
Some more pages of my sister in laws 50Th . These papers are very bright and colourful not my usual scene so maybe that's why i have had such a hard time doing this album. Grace's dress is such an unusual colour combo that also has made it difficult for me. I ripped of that dreadful first attempt of the cover and have settled with this instead. Very plain and simple.
More pages

And this arrived during the week so i have been busy playing with it instead of sewing on my rod pockets or sewing the back of my binding. For those of you that don't know what it is, basically its an attachment to my cricut machine. I have told my kids that its my PSP, i even took it to cricket today to play with (naughty me i should have been watching Joe) and yes i know this is confusing cricut-cricket. One is my cutting machine and the other is a sport that Joe plays.

Ever had left over rice or spaghetti sauce and don't know what to do with it? Well here you go-Arancinis-
Now for all you Italians out there I know that this is not the traditional way to make them (my Zia taught me the traditional way) however this way is so much easier and tastier i think. I did get this idea from one of my BF's and she is Italian so here is the very short way to make them.

Mix rice and spaghetti sauce together. Add a very big handful of diced cheese (cubed quite small).
Season to taste, if mixture is dry and wont form into balls add some beaten eggs.
Roll into balls. (the traditional way is more like a pear shape)
Roll in breadcrumbs
Dip in egg
Roll in breadcrumbs again (the double rolling of breadcrumbs gives a much nicer crust)
Deep fry until golden.
These freeze really well and go really great with a salad or just as a snack or as we do in summer with a great big antipasto.
This is a marathon post thanks for reading all the way through.
Have a good week ahead