Monday, August 31, 2009

....5 or 6

Welcome welcome welcome
As you can tell lately i have been in a card making mood so here are my weekend efforts.

Now i am finally up to date with my 52?'s as of last night of course so i expect there will be another one today. I really like the idea of these, some of the questions i have found hard and some don't really apply but i am having fun using lots of scraps and trying new techniques.

I haven't been able to sew at all lately (ie hand sewing on my coffee table quilt) as i tried out a new nail lady last week-i have been having manicures on and of for the last 25 years-and never ever have i had a reaction like i have got now. I don't know what cream she used but my fingers are red and itchy and lots of broken skin suffice to say that the chemist took one look and said i cant help you :( Surely their must be something i can put on them it looks a bit like eczema and i know that can break the skin and that there are creams for that. hmph!!
Okay that's my whinge and quite possibly my BIG excuse for not doing any sewing.
Joe is still away and we haven't heard from him for two days now as their mobiles are out of range. (In Aus our cell phone coverage does not cover all of Australia, and Joe is in the remote north of WA I guess you would call it the outback). It's fathers day on Sunday as well and he wont be here for that, very close to dads passing so i will make sure that mum is with us bright and early.
Boy when i started this post i thought that i didn't have much to say. Ha should have known better.
Am going now, have a wonderful week everyone


suzitee said...

Loving your new cards! A bit different from your usual style, but very very noice :) Can't believe you are keeping up to date with your 52 Questions...WELL DONE! Shame about your hands...we have PLENTY of creams around here for ecsema if you want any to try LOL.Have a great week xxx

Tammy James said...

Hi Linda, Oh your hands sound terrible, have you tried something neutral like sorbelene for moisturising? Thats what we used to have to use on DS for his Eczema. Your cards and tags are lovely.

Rumi said...

You've been a busy girl--even with hand trauma! Hope your hands heal very soon.
Love your cards!

Melissa Goodsell said...

You don't use your slow cooker???!! Linda!! I love my slow cooker so much :)
I was just reading through the recipes and a lot of them are really lovely - reminding me of old fashioned style casseroles and things.
I'll let you know once I try out a recipe :)

The cards are gorgeous! I hope your hands are better soon.