Friday, August 28, 2009

A Girl & Her Grandfather

Yippee it's the weekend.
Our house is so quiet without Joe, it's amazing how much of a difference it makes. Joe is away for a whole two weeks (the longest he has been away from home) with the FESA Cadets (fire & emergency) they are participating in the GWN Trek. Going ahead of the rally cars and setting up the bases for all of the drivers and crew. This year they are going up the middle of WA and stopping of at most country towns giving away show bags and raising money for Appealathon-i think.
They will finish in Broome which for all you non WA people is quite a big country town famous for its perfect beaches,tropical weather and pearls.

Here is a LO that took me half an hour earlier this evening. I knew how i wanted it to look and i must say that it came out better than what i had in my mind so you have to be happy with that.
Again the papers are from Basic Grey, it has a lot of "white space" but i like that look. I came across the two younger photos of Caitlin and dad when i was sorting through a very big box of photos that mum gave me. I always remember when i was little dad used to have this old shoebox with hundreds of little black and white photos in it, i would sneak in and start looking at the photos but as i didn't know anyone in the photos i quickly got bored and completely forgot about the box. I wish that i had remembered as i could have asked dad a lot of questions and done a lot of vintage scrapping. There is also quite a few photos from mums childhood so i am going to sort through them and get her to write about them so i will know for later when i get to scrap them.
There were photos of dad that even mum said she had never seen before or maybe she had but it was such a long time ago that she has forgotten. This is what scrapbooking is all about, recording things a bit like a diary for future generations to share.
WOW that was D & M.
What does everyone have planned for the weekend?
Andrew and I are home alone on Saturday night so maybe we will go out to dinner.
Whatever you plan to do I hope that you have a good one


Rumi said...

What a sweet project. A wonderful way to showcase the special bond between Caitlin and her grandfather.

Bet Joe is having a blast! Enjoy your quiet weekend!

Tammy James said...

Lovely post Linda. Oh enjoy the additional quiet! and No my oven is still not installed yet, I'm hoping Monday at this stage.

suzitee said...

What a beautiful post Linda...and a very striking LO. Love the "white space" and the way you've placed the photos. Enjoy the peace and quiet :)

Janellybelly said...

Gorgeous LO Linda, It will be something for Caitlin to treasure. You got me thinking of my precious Pop (pass the tissues please).
Thanks for the great link to the DIY Bag Lover site.
Janelle xx