Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jeans,Jeans and more Jeans

A couple of years ago when i was visiting my local quilt store these quilts were all the rage although i must say that i only ever saw them made in flannelet (sorry wrong spelling). Now with my sewing as i have said before i always take the easy approach and near enough is good enough so i had a good look at how they were made and thought i could do it. Now back at home i had a huge pile of old jeans that i thought was a waste to throw away so here we have my denim quilt with the seams sewn on the outside and clipped, no binding or quilting required. If you look closely i even made the pockets into squares. This quilt is one of my daughters favourites. So don't through your old jeans away make a quilt. Here are some more cards that i have made. All quite easy really as i need them asap.

For the leaf one i even attempted "masking" something i have never done before. It's an Ok card nothing flash. I like the one with the bird transparency on it.
My two children have got their athletics carnival tomorrow. I think that Joe is praying for rain. As this is Caitlin's last year at high school we have spent the last two days getting gold face paint,hair dye, hats and you name it. I think that it's the very first sports carnival she has ever looked forward to.
Now i am going to go and do a LO or oops i should be doing the "challenge to myself" post last month. Andrew has gone and purchased the rods to hang my applique on and ooooppppps i still haven't made the pockets for them.
Hope you all are having a good week.
Maybe i will go and read all of your posts, yeah that sounds better but first i am going to make a coffee and go find something sweet.


Rumi said...

What a fun quilt! Good use for otherwise unusable jeans!
I think your cards are very pretty. Don't know what "masking" is but the card turned out great.

suzitee said...

Yes, I think the challenge to yourself might be a good place to start, Miss Challenge Queen!!! Nah, do what you feel like doing :) Your jean quilt is just gorgeous, and I love that it's repurposed fabric. Good luck to the kids at the sports carnival...hee hee...I used to hate them too :)

Sonya Thair said...

Wow Linda what a great idea now if only I had it in me! One day maybe I truly will learn how to sew/quilt and make a gorgeous jeans quilt like yours for my girls. Take care. Sonxx

Tammy James said...

Hi Linda your cards are all lovely. The quilt looks great! A great recycle/re purpose job you have done with it!

Jenni said...

Hey you can have our old jeans if you want a matchy matchy pillow or something!!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the raggy jeans quilt - I have a picnic rug that is very similar - great repurposing project!! Your latest cards are lovely - the transparant overlay adds anotehr dimension.