Sunday, August 23, 2009

.....or 3 or 4 (Continued)

Gosh it's cold here today. Surely it must be 15 degrees maximum and when you are not used to the cold it sure does feel cold.
What a perfect day for making bread, more lemon cordial and lots of crafty things.
This is the last of Tracey's card packs that i had to finish. For the orange one i needed a mesh stamp and as i didn't have one i improvised and drew one. The top right one was not as Tracey's instructions as i was too lazy to cut out circles :) This is another idea that i borrowed/stole from Tracey. These are tiny cute little cards for lunch boxes. All made from scraps and a great way to try out some of my new stamps. The edges are perforated so you just tear them open. This one is for Caitlin and inside it says "I love you" (mushy huh). The one below is for Caitlin's friend Brie and says "I hope you are having a good day". I would not dare put one in Joe's lunch box. I have made them before and Caitlin was wrapped to open her lunch box and find it (everyone loves little surprises even 17 yo girls.)
I am still about 6 questions behind on my 52Q's quest so here are 3 more and i will get to work on the rest.
As you can see my new stamps included some cute Asian dolls (all from Hero Arts) for the middle tag i painted some canvas and embossed the little girl over the top.

We had a nice lunch with mum and she got to take home a plate of leftovers and half an apple pie that I made.
As i look through my window outside what a parody i see. Andrew sitting reading by the pool ALL RUGGED UP with his headphones on listening to the radio. How anyone can read and listen to music at the same time is beyond me, he must be freezing.
That's all my papercraft for the weekend i am now going to go and do some stitching on my never ending coffee table quilt.
Have a good night


suzitee said...

Your new stamps are so cute! And you SOOOOO needed some new stamps ;)
Love your new cards, especially the lunch box ones. Yep, it's cold...freezing in fact. Perfect stitching weather xxx

Tammy James said...

Oh Linda those doll stamps are so cute! I love the lunch box notes too.

Rumi said...

Lunchbox notes--How cute! Yes, girls love that kind of stuff but boys...not so much (tho' secretly they might!)
Glad you had a nice lunch with your mom. Bundle up and stay warm!

Anonymous said...

oo la la

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the concept of lunch box notes - I am sure it put a smile on their faces at school:) Have a great weekend.