Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer Pudding

It's fathers day here in Aus, so it was Andrew's choice for lunch and he wanted his favourite "Summer Pudding".
This is my version. If you want a dessert that has WOW then this is it and it's really easy.

All you need is:-
A plain sponge cake (I bought mine)
Some berries (i used a packet of frozen mixed berries)
Icing sugar Line a bowl with plastic wrap. Then cut your sponge in half then into triangles to line the bowl.
Whip some cream, mix in the berries you might need to sweeten it with a little sugar and if there is any juice from your berries pour it over the sponge. Then fill your bowl with the cream and berries. Make a lid with the left over sponge then cover it with plastic wrap put a plate/saucer on the top and weigh it down with something heavy ie a can of baked beans, put in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight.

Turn onto a plate and dust with icing sugar. TA Da there you go. You could even put more berries on the top to decorate if you wish.

Now i must confess this is not my favourite as i don't like eating things that are mushy ie my weetbix have to be crunchy, my cornflakes have to be crunchy, my toast has to be cold and hard, i dont eat trifle as the sponge is all mushy I sound fussy but i assure you i am not these are just my little quirks.
Now everytime i serve this I really do get the wow factor, so keep it in the back of your minds for quick and easy although if i am coming for dinner don't make it for me.
I hope that you all had a wonderful day with your families and husbands/partners. My DH had a wonderful day (he told me so) and hopefully we made it special for my mum as well.
To my dad- I know that you are somewhere and we were all thinking of you.
Have a good week everyone


suzitee said...

Your summer pudding looks delicious, and deceptively easy! Thanks for brightening my day and your beautiful girl are such a pleasure to know :)
Hope we were a distraction for you too, as I know today would not have been easy for you.
Have a great week xxx

Tammy James said...

That sounds like something that would go down well here, good to hear your day was OK too Linda.

Janellybelly said...

My DH Andrew is a big fan of Summer Pudding too, his Mum usually makes it at Christmas time :)
You were all in my thoughts yesterday xx

Jenni said...

How easy is that pudding!!!Looks sooo nice.
Was thinking of you all yesterday

neen.... said...

looks yummy ... will definately be trying this!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks delicious!I haven't made that for ages - thanks for the reminder!