Sunday, August 16, 2009

An Abundance of Lemons

It's that time where we have an abundance of lemons and i was going to make lemon butter but when i saw that the recipe makes 3 jars and they all have to be consumed within two weeks, i like it but i don't like it that much. So then i got out my trusty new cookbook "A year in a bottle" by Sally Wise and came across this super easy recipe for lemon cordial. No waiting around for this one, once it has cooled you can use it straight away and it was so easy to do. The cordial keeps for years and it really does taste nice. I am looking forward to having a nice cool refreshing drink of this when summer comes around. Now i am not to sure about copyright laws so if you want the recipe just email me and i will give it to you. Rumi gave me this recipe for iced tea which i had to try as Andrew and Caitlin love this drink and I added lemon slices to this as well. A big hit they really liked it. (Thanks Rumi)

Here is a LO that i made this week, a fun one and yes i know...i need to take some more photos of myself.

I hope that you all had a good weekend and that your week ahead is not to busy. Remember to take a little time out just for yourself even if its 1 hour, to read, craft or just relax we all so deserve it.
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Tammy James said...

Thanks for the reminder Linda, I was feeling really tired but am glad I knitted for 1/2 hour now I'm heding off to bed.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Lemon cordial sounds refreshing!Love your family tree LO - looks very effective.

Melissa Goodsell said...

That's a beautiful layout Linda - I love the tree with the little faces inside.
I'm glad you tried making that lemon cordial too - which reminds me that I must make more, we're all out here.

suzitee said...

You amaze me with your many talents Mrs Morgan! Great to see you creating, and that LO is stunning in real life. My lemon cordial is cooling in the fridge, just waiting for a sunny day...but I don't think it will last for several years around here!
Have a great week xxxx

Rumi said...

Lemon cordial--YUM! Please e-mail me the recipe!
Glad the iced tea was a hit. So much better than those in the bottles I think.

Love your family tree page. Great!

Jenni said...

I'd love to get that iced tea recipe from you when we catch up next....soon I hope!