Sunday, June 28, 2009

Successful Ginger Beer

As the title suggests my ginger beer was fizzy and yum. I would have liked to show you a glass but my son (Joe) has drank the whole lot and now we have to wait for the next lot to be bottled which will be tomorrow and then a further 5 days. Sorry about that, i will make sure that i have my camera ready for the next batch.
Yesterday i spent the whole day at Tomorrow's Memories
participating in two off the page classes. The classes were run and designed by Audrey Underwood and Maxine Hazebrook and were really fun to do. Caitlin has already claimed this one for her bedroom

and a friend of mine has a sewing room where this will go just nicely. I learnt a lot of new techniques and we finished both projects with a lot of time leftover to shop.
My poor dishcloth was put through its paces today and the poor thing is now in the soaker as i even used it to clean the inside of my oven. I must say goodbye expensive micro fibre and Enjo dishcloths i found this one much better. I just have to make the next one a bit bigger, and i don't know what planet i was on when i said it only took an hour to crochet, more like three.
On a P_ss You Off mode i spent this morning making two loaves of bread (which doesn't take long) from my new cookbook one plain and one ham cheese. They turned out yum or they looked yum. Joe (yes again) had to have a slice of both and when i went to serve them up for dinner it appears that the ants also like my bread. They were covered in them. I thought that in winter our ant problem would go away, maybe this house is built on top of a great ant mine! Little Sh#*s.
On that happy note i will say goodbye, adieu, farewell
I have so many craft projects to choose from but i will go and scrap a bit.
If you are in Perth drive carefully tomorrow as we are meant to be having terrible storms.


suzitee said...

Yours projects are just beautiful Linda. You are inspiring me so much with all your craftiness lately!
This rain doesn't seem to be going anywhere, does it? I usually love it, but even I am a bit over it today.
Enjoy your last week at work xxx

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your art work - I bet it was the perfect way to spend a wet weekend! Sorry to hear about your ant problem - I didn't realise they could be so active in winter. Sarah is off to the zoo today - hope the wild weather settles down!

Jenni said...

Lovely work Linda! And I hope for a taste of bread on Wednesday!!!!!!!

Tammy James said...

Hi Linda glad to hear your dishcloth stood up to its tasks. I must warn you if you make more I don't think Bamboozle would go as hard as Cotton. :( It doesn't wash up as well. My Cotton one came out of the wash looking new, my Bamboo blend ones look well worn after just one wash and I can see it happening while in use. I still love them and their weight but the cotton looks newer longer IYKWIM.