Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Question,Gloria Jeans & Cup-cakes

Well it's Sunday and I have spent the day doing my usual Sunday homey things like ironing and making a huge pot of creamy pumpkin soup and some yummy cup cakes. All my work is now done it's just after 3 and i can blog,craft or just relax and of course try out my cakes with a yummy cappuccino. Did you know that you can but Gloria Jean coffee in Woolies, try it it's really yummy. My QUESTION (see yesterdays post) is what do you do with all of the hand made cards that you receive? Susan was mortified by my answer so now I don't know if I can tell you what I do with mine, but i would like to know what you all do with yours.

Oh alright I will tell you.

I pick the bits of that i can reuse then i throw it away. (In one way its good b/c it makes me a recycler right?)

Now on to other things Mel Goodsell had a giveaway on her blog (click on the link it's a great blog) and guess who one? I am so lucky, now I will have to make something from the Zakka sewing book when it arrives.

Have a good week everyone, there is only four weeks of school left over here I cant believe how quick this term has gone.
xx Linda


suzitee said...

Oooohhhhhh....THAT question! Yes, I am STILL mortified, and will be thinking VERY seriously before I ever make you a card again...LMAO!
You know my answer...I KEEP all mine, and have plans to make a storage system soon :)
Congrats on the giveaway cool! I have given you a blog award...not sure you deserve it because you pull my cards to pieces hahahahaha!!!
Your cupcake looks delicious.

Tracey said...

Hi Linda, I am a little happier now that your Dad seems to be okay, if, at least, just for now. It cannot be easy for you or your family.
To answer the question about handmade cards...
For the most part I keep them. I have been know to throw away a few but generally I keep them. Although when I make cards and give them away I give them with love and send them on their way to whom ever I give them too and never think of them again. That way if they get thrown away, I don't get upset. People must do what feels comfortable for them and if throwing them away is okay with them its okay with me.
Mind you if I find out they will never get anothe one, just kidding LOL
Love me :-)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Well done on the win - that red riding hood fabric is so sweet! Can't wait to see what you make with it.

Thanks for the tip on Gloria Jeans - I don't usually shop at woolies but may have to make a special trip.

I keep my cards if it is a significant birthday, otherwise I usually throw them away, unless they have been handmade by the kids or friends.

Melissa Goodsell said...

LOL I had a little giggle that you pull off the bits.
I actually hardly ever receive hand made cards, but the few that I have received I put away in a file to keep.
All other birthday cards etc.. I throw out though (unless they're from my Mum, husband or children).
Congrats on winning my give away too :))

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