Saturday, June 27, 2009

How Popular Are These?

I cant believe that i actually crocheted this. Do you know what it is? They are the "in" thing at the moment or have been for ages and I have only just found out about them (See Mel's
or Tammy's blog). This is my very own dishcloth. As I am not a prolific crochet-er i did a bit of research on the web, its so amazing, you can learn anything, this one is made out of cotton and Tammy suggested bamboo (Bamboozel) but they didn't have any at my craft store. This one took me a couple of hours (it was my first attempt) but my second one only took an hour. Yes second one, I was warned that they are addictive and they are great for washing the dishes.

During the week i cleaned out my craft desk and found this in the bottom drawer so of course i had to put it on a LO. Very basic and simple but this LO is all about letting the image tell the storey.
and keeping with my own challenge to myself I used the left over papers to make two quick cards.

Where ever you are in the world I hope that you are having a good day/night. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Jenni said...

can I have one.....please

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Pretty and practical! I have a few that I have knitted - they wash up so well.

Tammy James said...

Hi Linda ... Yay your dish cloth looks great!! isn't it a nice feeling too, as you wash the dishes or wipe the bench knowing you are doing it with something YOU MADE!
I do like your simple LO too, what a great memento it is, what a thoughtful teacher who came up with that concept.

suzitee said...

Ooh I know what you were chasing cotton for ;) Yes please!
You are certainly into lots of crafty pursuits at the moment...isn't the internet wonderful? You can learn just about anything. How was the class yesterday?

Tracey said...

Thanks for yesterday, it was so much fun and the projects adorable. Love the dishcloth (oh my god you are almost getting me to think about sewing and knitting LOL), you can wrap my bottle of ginger beer in it if you like LOL.
And love the layout and cards.
Lets get together again soon, mayme you could teach me how to crochet....Love me :-)