Monday, June 22, 2009

Lucky Me

Here are three cards that I made with Tracey's
"A card makers Tea Party" pack. This class is held every month at Tomorrows Memories
although I don't actually attend this particular class I am lucky to get a pack put aside for me. So if you are ever free on a Friday morning go and find out when the next class is. My giveaway that I won on Melissa Goodsell's blog arrived the other day, aren't I the lucky one. My Japanese sewing book also arrived so I will put that fabric to good use Mel. Thank You.
A new magazine was launched today called Australian Homesewn and Melissa has a few projects in it, for more info take a look at her blog (link above) she has designed some gorgeous storage boxes that I am really going to have a go at.
On another note it's my baby girls birthday today she is 17 Happy Birthday Caitlin.
It's not long now until the "L" plates will be off your car and the red "P's" will replace them, then we will all start on another journey ie- I will be asking you "are you home tonight for dinner or out? Boy that 17 years sure went fast.
Have a good night everyone, I am not cooking as its Caitlin's choice tonight and she has chosen Nandos, we have never had it before and a new store has just opened up down the road.


suzitee said...

I am REALLY loving that cute fabric from your giveaway Linda...can't wait to see what you make ;0

Mel Goodsell's storage boxes look cute too...I think our "to make" list is growing!
Hope your gorgeous girl has had a wonderful day xxxxx

Jenni said...

Hope your day was fantastic Caitlin!!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Happy Birthday Caitlin! We love Nandos - very spicy and tasty!

Love your Artisan bread book and the Japanese fabric goodies. Can't wait to see whay you make with them.

Melissa Goodsell said...

Happy birthday Caitlin :))

So glad that your package arrived safely Linda :)

Tammy James said...

oh lucky you to win the little babushka and fabric! I saw your comment on Mels blog about only knowing one crochet stitch and thought you might like to have a look at the one I started yesterday using a different stitch to the one she is using! LOL. A work of warning though once you make one they are a bit addictive!

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday Caitlin, Hope you had the best day.
I am loving that fabric, can't wait to see what you do.
Sooooooo looking forward to Saturday, see you then.
Love me :-)