Sunday, July 5, 2009

Third Time Lucky

Hi everyone, sorry have been very busy and tired last week so my poor craft and blog suffered.
Today i mixed up a batch of dough ready for the week ahead. All i have to do now is grab a chunk from the fridge when we want fresh bread and hey presto you've got bread. The hardest part is letting it cool down as the book says "it will keep better if left until it's completely cold" ha-we don't have any left overs anyway. I have been busy crocheting more dishcloths during the week as its easy just to plonk myself in front of the TV and work away (very mindless). The only other craft i have done is make two cards and here they are. Andrew (DH) says the one on the right is dull and needs a bit of colour,stitching would have been nice i think, but like my sewing, tuff, they'll do.
For three weeks in a row mum and dad have been trying to get over to my house but dad has always been to ill to venture out but TODAY they came. I cant believe how excited i was to have them here. They have been house bound for about the last 6 weeks and i know that mum really needed to get out and have a change of scenery. So here is my dad sitting in his favourite chair we even got him to eat something which was good. At the end it was mum that suggested they go dad was quite comfy where he was. I am so happy that he made this huge effort to get out it was good for the both of them.

On a completely different note if someone said to you that they wanted HOT DOGS for dinner would you think that meant red franks in a bun or BBQ sausages in a bun? When going down the isles in Woolies to find red sausages Andrew (DH) informed me that he wants BBQ sausages I said "that's a sausage sizzle" no it's not he said. I then said that i would put it on my blog and see what everyone else thinks and i bet you can all imagine his response to that. But anyway i just had to do it so let me know what your definition of a hot dog is. (Gee its really exciting reading my blog isn't it?)
Well that's it for tonight i am cooking roast duck (yuk) for Andrew and Caitlin and Joe and I are having chicken cacciatore.
Have a good week ahead everyone.


suzitee said...

YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! I'm so glad they made it today Linda! Your Mum must feel so housebound, how wonderful for them both to have a day out.
A HOT DOG is a frankfurt (red sausage here in WA) in a long bread roll with sauce...hee hee...sorry Andrew :)
I'm with you, haven't scrapped all week. Can't wait to taste this bread of yours! Enjoy your first official day of holidays xxx

Jenni said...

Ditto! RED sausage in a bun is a Hot Dog!

Good to see that your Mum and Dad are out and about again.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

How terrific that your dad was well enough to enjoy his outing today! I am sure the visit helped to lift everyones spirits.

Hot dogs definitely involve frankfurst (not a big fan - sausage sizzles are much nicer!)

Hope your holidays are getting off to a great start.

Tracey said...

OK Andrew, red sausage equals hot dog and bbq sausage equals sausage sizzle, sorry but thats the truth.
So glad for you all that your Mum & Dad came over, I am just so happy for you all it made me smile,
Love me :-)