Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Decorations

Hello everyone, happy Sunday. Well I got up early on this very hot Sunday to go watch Joe play cricket, I haven't been for a while. As Caitlin has done most of my ironing I didn't have an excuse. Boy I can sure pick my days it was really hot out there. Poor Joe hung around out in the middle for two overs then was out for a duck. Never mind. This week instead of doing a LO with a photo I thought I would do one as a Christmas decoration to greet everyone when they came in and of course I finally got to put out my Christmas village which was a class that Tracey took at TM'S ever so long ago, and all readers of Susan's blog would have seen her gorgeous snow thingy (I have forgotten what they are called) and I happened to have one sitting in a draw so of course I copied.
I have four days of work left YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
I hope you all have a great week, thanks for dropping by.
PS My T is not working properly on my keyboard so excuse the mistakes.

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suzitee said...

What a fantastic idea! And it looks gorgeous sitting on your Twiddleybitz frame...makes me feel all festive :) Your snow dome (LOL) looks great too, but VERY hard to photograph!
Keep counting down those days!