Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some Photos

Well as you can probably guess Joe definately didn't want me to do a page about his birthmark but its a part of him so how could I not. Ever since he was 6 months old we have been going to hospital to have Laser surgery on his face. It's a procedure that requires a general anaesthetic and we go about 4 times a year so it is a big part of our lives and something that I have tried to document for him so that when he is a lot older (middle age) he will be able to look back and remember. Don't you just love this paper it's from We R Memory Keepers and called Nonsense. A lot of cutting out but worth the effort-Thanks Tracey for showing it too me.
Joe says-
cheese from Joe
Whatever that means. He is waiting impatiently over my shoulder so I will get off the PC and go and harass him whilst he is trying to do something he likes.
Have a great night everyone.


suzitee said...

What an awesome subject Linda...and what a difficult journey to be on. I can only imagine how scary it would be watching your son "go under" that often. Love that you have made it part of your album xxx

Nina said...

beautiful LO...and what an amazing story to document.

N xx

Sonya Thair said...

Hey linda love this layout its gorgeous. Yes those cartridges are available in Australia. I have Storybook if you'd like to borrow it but I havent yet got Graphically speaking.

Take care

Tracey said...

Hey, totally love the fact that you are scrapbooking the everyday stuff that makes up our lives. I love it, totally love it.
Oh and I work in the shop monday arvo and allday Thursday & Friday.
Thanks for sharing such a personal part of your life too. :-)

Sandie said...

Good for you Linda - this is a fantastic idea and a gorgeous layout.

Luv Sandie