Sunday, December 28, 2008

Size 12's

I hope that you all had a fun,great,relaxing,joyful christmas. Our christmas was really great but I must confess that I have had enough of cooking for a little whilst.
Just thought I would share a LO that I did today with you and again I will own up to the fact that I have scraplifted (that sounds so much better than copied) this LO from Kelly Gorree's blogspot. When I saw it I immediately thought of Joe and his big feet he is only 14 and wont stop growing for another couple of years. I also had this new stamp that I received early in December and lucky for me one of my new cartridges just happens to have a tree on it so you see I really had to do this LO. The paper is mia collection from crate paper. Now I dont know why this photo turned itself around but I cant turn it back so just tilt your head and have a look. This was my impulse buy on christmas eve. Yes the ladies at the shop will know that I am a bad impulse shopper, I did look at the price of this and walk away but then I found myself back in the isle putting it in my trolley. It doesnt look as good now as family and friends have eaten more than half-I have not had one-YET-next year I will have to buy 60 more choccies to fill it. Ohh well.
Hope that you all had a nice little break and are getting ready for New Years Eve. OOOO guess what I am doing... Nothing...Oh thats not right I am driving Caitlin around from party to party.
Bye for now

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suzitee said...

Oh wow! The LO is divine! Who cares if you scraplifted...SOOOO not a biggie! When you think about it, there are only so many ways you can arrange paper on a 12x12 piece! Can't believe the size of Joe's feet though.
Love your Rocher tree...but I would feel that I HAD to eat them all hee hee.