Sunday, July 31, 2011

Can you remember

way back to last year when i was very lucky to be given some fabric by Susan to make a table runner that she had made and i had fallen in love with? Well i cant remember when it was either but alas it was ages. I have had the top finished for months and it was just waiting to be quilted so yippee here it is all finished.
and a close up coz the quilting really did take me ages and ages

and i went for yellow binding for a few reasons
-Susan's is in yellow and i love it
-Cadel Evans was wearing the yellow jersey in the Tour DE France when i was deciding on colours
-all my binding choices seem to be red red red
so yellow it was.

Now you may also remember from only a few posts ago i made a beautiful little "Table Topper" that was oh so easy to make so i have decided to make one each for my fellow work colleagues for Christmas, this one is made from Fig Trees-Butterscotch & Rose fabric mm mm i love this and will have to make a table topper for me as well. So here is 1 top made it needs to be sandwiched and quilted and binded/bound then only three left hmm have i bitten of more than i can chew? I wonder.

and here's another shot of my table runner just in case you have forgotten it already.

I am just waiting on getting a new buffet to put it on along with my new antiquey jars and my real very real and very old antique lemon juicer and i can promise you that you have never seen one of these before and it's most definitely antique, from the 17th century i believe-thank you to my in laws who were huge antique collectors-i got this one b/c my MIL hates to clean it. Anyway when i get my buffet i will show you..
Have a happy, fun,joyous week


suzitee said... finished it! And how stunning does it look! Awesome job Linda. Looks like you've had a busy, stitchy weekend...a perfect way to spend the time :)

Tracey said...

Wow Linda...they are just beautiful. I look forward to seeing a pic of your new buffet with the antiques. Have a great week

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

A new buffet sounds lovely! Your table runner looks amazing - it also goes well with the dark wood of your table.

Your colleagues are going to love their table toppers. Looks like you have had a busy weekend - perfect weather for it too!

Tracey said...

I saw these friday night and they look amazing.
I would love one LOL.
love me :-)

Tiff said...

Your patchwork is so amazing! As much as I love the bright yellows, the pinks and browns are my favourite! Gorgeous work! X

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hi Linda,I hope you are doing well:) WOW it's beautiful!!! I hope you get your buffet soon and can't wait to see it displayed on the buffet!!! Love your quilting work very beautiful!!!

Tammy said...

Lovely Runner Linda and I can't wait to see the antique juicer!

suzitee said...

Guess what? When I was dusting today, I made a little discovery. Mine is bound with green, not yellow! So yours is definitely an original...and a gorgeous one at that!