Friday, July 15, 2011

Making Pasta

I think that i am one of the few people out there that loves this wet rainy cold weather. I love nothing more than being inside nice and snuggly warm looking at and hearing the rain outside, and that is what i am doing right now. Although the floors are taking ages to dry with this cold weather.
Anyway the cleaning is done, i am home alone and browsing on the PC so i thought that i would share with you the layout that i made last night.
Pretty simple and straight forward. I had this wonderful photo of the finished pasta so i made my title out of it. Then i thought it needed some colour and i wanted red, alas no red paint so i got out my paintbrush and rubbed it on my stamp pad.
Definitely not an award winning LO but its not meant to be. Its for Joe's album and i tried to write my journalling as if i was talking to him.

Anyway that's me done today
have fun and enjoy whatever you are doing, me- i am going to make myself a George (yes i still love him oh so much and he gets used daily) and go and see what you guys have been up to.


Tracey said...

I love this layout, the photo's are just wonderful. I so love the idea for the title, what a great idea.
I am with you on the weather thing, love this cold rainy weather, love it.
Love me :-)

Katherine Thomas said...

It's hot and sunny here! Funny to hear you talk about the cold. But you are having plenty of fun over there, it looks like!

Tracey said...

What a fun layout....I remember these pics a few posts ago. How cool is your PASTA title, love it! Its wet and cold here too, I hate it:( Have a fab weekend......

suzitee said...

I love how you've done the title Linda...very creative....and that you've recorded the story for these fantastic photos!
I love the rain too...snuggled up with the kids on the lounge watching movies...bliss!