Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fabric & Paper

Hi there
i have heaps for you today so not too much chitter chatter
here are my last months blocks for "The Family Gathering" quilt that the three of us are making.
i am too lazy to hold my patterns up to the window to trace everything so i have just free hand drawn my people and boy if you look close it tells. I cant work out whether the guy in the middle looks like a frog or if he has the mumps and as for the poor little wee one on the end he's looking a bit cross eyed

this guy is kinda OK he has very long skinny arms and i drew the fishing rod which turned out OK. On to next months block which is meant to be a family tree and as i don't think this particular block goes with the quilt i have designed my own block (god help me), will show you when it's finished.

Here's a quick boy card using SU stamps and ink.

and here's a LO, the photos were from my IPhone and the sun was way way shining so the photos aren't that crash but i still wanted to scrap them. Poor Andrew has got a nice big ink blob on his face from when i was inking the photos, all journalling is tucked away in that gorgeous envelope.

Yesterday saw me making some more tags and dying my seam binding with different types of inks and sprays

and now you can meet my tag lady. As you know i make a few tags, so where does one put them, on a tag lady of course...

now all i have to do is just grab one when i want one.

Now i have tried to resist, even when i have seen some amazing blocks completed i have still tried to resist, i have too many projects on the go as it is so i still tried to resist, all to no avail, here is the book which arrived last week

and the fabric should arrive in a couple of weeks. So i will be behind but that's OK i can work at it  at my own pace and i haven't decided yet whether i will hand piece it or machine stitch it.

Whew that was a long post thanks for persevering and making it to the end.

Have a great week



Tiff said...

Your quilt blocks look amazing! I can't wait to see your own design! The card and tags look fantastic too! I really like those flowers and your inking on the tags! Happy weekend! X

suzitee said...

hee hee...resistance is futile! The big question now is...will TRACEY be able to resist? LOL
So glad that you are up-to-date with A Family's nice to be on top of things :)and I think your blocks look awesome.
Your paper crafting is lovely are great at boy cards! So much's a very addictive pastime!

Tracey said...

Love the post and love all your crafty projects. I feel and mini class with your teaching me all about dying LOL.
Can't believe you are going to do the farmers wife... not for me I have decided way too many little bits LOL.
love me :-)

Tori said...

Hi Linda, love your quilting your people are great! Love your card the how smiple looking it is!
Great layout love the colours and the sketch of it all! All your tags look fabulous! Love what you displayed them on! Love seeing all your creative things Linda! tfs

Tori xox

Tracey said...

Your quilt looks awesome...Fab cards and a great layout. I want one of those tag hanger uppers...what a great idea and a cool decoration. Have a great week.

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Linda, OMG all these projects ate fabulous!! LOVE those tags very pretty:) Just fabulous projects!! You have been busy:)

Katherine Thomas said...

I hope your family and friends realize how lucky they are to have you around preserving memories with your creativitiy and generosity. You're awesome!