Monday, April 4, 2011

Some scrapbooking

Hi there
happy Monday (does anyone suffer from Mondayitis? My husband does real bad he hates Mondays) alas i digress as usual
i have finally done some scrapbooking and enjoyed it very much
the first lay out was from my hybrid class that i forgot to post.
my dad always used to call Joe "Joebee" and it has now stuck in the extended family although none of us at home call him that only his cousins and uncle
and boy look how cute and little he was here it seems like only yesterday
the other two lay outs have been used with my February Cocoa Daisy kit
i have just realised that this next one doesn't have a title on it, do you think it needs one?

the bird cage tag up the top is made out of canvas, i thought that they would look really good on some cards but then i would have to give them away so i put one on this LO instead. The journalling is hidden in that cute little envelope. The die for the envelope came today in my big pile of happy mail, it is from Papertray Ink.

The next photos sat on my desk for about two weeks waiting for inspiration and then when inspiration came it only took me about 20mins to start and finish the LO.
Not much journalling on any of these LO's but you get that sometimes.
I have been eagerly reading my emails every half an hour as i have signed up for Kelly Purkeys Sketchbook 3 to hopefully give me some more inspiration, alas its not here yet, i will have to go check again.

thanks for dropping in
enjoy the week



Tracey said...

love the Iphone layout, way to cool. I got my email today re sketch class so I am going to see if I can remember how to scrapbook.
Love me :-)

Tracey said...

Great to see your layouts Linda...the iphone one is COOL! Love it when they come together quickly. I don't think every LO needs a title....whats that saying..A picture says a thousand words? It goes something like that I think........You know what I mean.

Connie said...

Very pretty layouts! I'm a new follower too!

Please check out my blog.

Jodie said...

I love Monday's Linda - start of a new week with lots of exciting this to do!

The envelope idea is great. My daughter has a book similar and even though we both know what's in there - it must ALWAYS be opened.
Have a wonderful week xx

Missy said...

Great layouts!!

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Love the layouts Linda!! OMG love the canvas tag with the bird cages!! I agree with Tracey I don't think all layouts needs a title!! TFS

Tiff said...

I love the retro vibe of the Jo-bee page! There is something about the spots... Those LOs are so fab, I wouldn't worry about needing a title.. the pictures say it all! I really love the bird cages too! X

~Olga said...

Very lovely layout, Linda. You did a wonderful job! :)

~Olga said...

Hello again, Linda! I have a wonderful gift for you at my blog. Enjoy! :)