Sunday, April 17, 2011

Waste not want not

Is that how the saying goes?
Anyway here is a little file that i made from an envelope i received in the mail last week. I used my last piece of canvas from my Cocoa Daisy kit and other bits and pieces.
Next up i was experimenting making flowers with the cricut and these were too pretty to waste so using my new Paper Tray Ink background stamp i made this card.

Now my next card i don't like at all it didn't come out at all how i imagined but instead of throwing it away i thought that Caitlin might use it sometime. The back flower was meant to be made out of felt but as i didn't have any white/cream i cut it out of cotton wadding, there is also a Paper Tray doily die on here (i do love that)

i don't know maybe its just the colours.mmmmmmmmm still don't like it.

Now the three of us met last Friday night and shock horror i have nothing to show you, instead of working on our current label-crew item we sat and hand stitched the next block in our caravan quilt and as its not quite finished i cant show you just yet. (thanks Susan for a lovely night and Tracey i am so sorry that our drive home was extra long-guess who was talking to much and missed the exit ramp???not me-never)

Only two more days of work left until the Easter hols-yippee-and i am now going to turn around and make a couple of Easter cards, i have had an idea looming in  my head so lets just see if i can put it together to be something special. (oh and by turning around i mean that my craft desk is behind me so i will just swing around and begin)

enjoy your week everyone and thanks for stopping by


Tiff said...

Linda, I am loving your creations this week! That little file is so gorgeous, I am into birdcages... and have the (basic grey?) stamp set... and I am also quite taken by the newsprint stamp... I might need that! The black and white looks fab with the red. I also like the blue and pink in the card you weren't so taken with... that doily (die cut?) is very very cute! X

Katherine Thomas said...

Hi Linda! I love your cards, even the one that you don't like care for! You are one of the most creative people I know! Happy Easter!

Tracey said...

Okay that card you don't like... well I love it.
Thanks for a great night friday night and the extra long ride home LOL.
love me :-)

TammyJ said...

Looking forward to seeing what you create for easter and you just reminded me again I have some egg shapes I cut last year in the cupboard somewhere :)

Jenni said...

Well I like all of those cards, especially the Mother's Day one!

My kids finished school on Friday so the school holidays are already upon this family!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Another lovely set of cards Linda! Especially love the cricut flowers - will have to learn how to make those.
Hope your last days of work go quickly and that you enjoy your break.

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hi Linda, OMG I totally love your cards even the one you don't like! I think it looks fabulous with the background print, flowers and the ribbon:)LOVE it!!! Have a great day:)

Tori said...

Love your cards Linda! They all look great! he pink and blue looks good i like it! :)

Tori xx

Tracey said...

Hey Linda, I love the card that you don't like...its really pretty! Your flowers look fabulous! Are you going to enter the SGL Comp to win an imagine? You should!
And that news print stamp is very cool, I think thats another NEED to have item. Does the postage cost a lot when you buy papertrey ink stuff? There is lots I'd love to order but with the cost of the postage I always think twice!