Thursday, January 6, 2011

Would you give this to a boy?

Hi there,
i have just finished making two cards and one i wanted to do in boy colours, i was quite pleased with myself and walked out to show Andrew (dh) and he said "you cant give that card to a male its got a cake on it". humph##** so what do you reckon?

Could i give this to a boy or not?
Here is another one in different colours that i am entering into a challenge at Meredith Scraps.
Now i don't do new year resolutions but this is one thing i will be working on next starting Saturday, will ya just take a look at my craft room.

My desk. OMG what a MESS.

Next to my desk. OMG what a mess.
Now this corner is real BAD.
and my computer desk, bad as well. I consider myself a tidy person with everything in its own place, well judging by this mess you all wont agree, so i am off to Ikea on Saturday to buy some units or something.

Ok, have to go pick up Joe now who has been working in a hot kitchen for the last nine hours. He has met just about all of the tennis players playing in the Hopman cup including Andy Roddick and Leyton Hewitt and a couple of weeks ago he met Shane Warne and the man himself James Packer. Gees if only Pierce Brosnan came and stayed at the Burswood i would have to hang out in the kitchens with Joe.

Night all



TammyJ said...

Hi Linda,

I can't see your card Sorry so can't comment, my download is taking too long as we have been limited. I'll be off line for a week or so now, so see you again when we have moved : )

Tracey said...

Its blue & has no bling....I think its fine for a boy! Love the other one too, the sentiment is great! Good luck with the mess! LOL.....And if Piece Brosnan visits call me, I'll be there!

suzitee said...

Boys like cakes too! I think it is perfectly fine for a boy...if it was pink, I may have a problem :)
Joe is certainly doing some mingling with the of the perks of working at Burswood...HOW COOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great card for a boy! Actually they are both simply GREAT cards! I love them both. Thank you so much for taking part in my challenge. Your cards are always awesome xxx

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hi Linda, Love the cards!! I agree with the other ladies, boys like cake too:) and colors are great!!! Totally can give it to a boy:) It looks like we'll be doing the same thing this weekend with out craft room LOL!!!
Have a great weekend!

May said...

In that first photo I thought "nah - her room is fine!" then you showed more... oh my! YEah, I know all about those big messes. Good luck!

Guylou said...

Beautiful Cards! In my opinion, both would do for a boy.

Chris Wooten said...

I love your blog. I did the linking party with Maggie and found you that way.

I am trying to earn a cricut for the Children's art department.


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