Friday, January 14, 2011

All ready for christmas next

Remember when 'The Three Of  Us' (Susan, Tracey and me) started to make a table runner, it was a Christmas theme but we knew that it would never be finished for Christmas, well they are, and 11 months early i might add!!!

This one is Susan's with a white background. Oh so yummy and crisp.
photo from Susan's blog
and this one is Tracey's, her very first quilting project and hand quilted as well. Tracey's has a cream background.

photo from Tracey's blog

and here is mine with a green background, hand quilted with a bit of stippling-i haven't stippled (that sounds funny) for years so its a bit rough and uneven but i am very happy with it.
and a close up so you can see that puffy, puffy puffiness that i love.

The three of us met this morning for a scrumptious breakfast at the Burswood and i was meant to come home and clean, well .....who feels like blogging and some craft it is.
Off to potter and play


suzitee said...

I love love love the puffiness of your quilt...such yummy handmade goodness! No housework happening here either...still too full from breakfast!
I love that we are so organised for Christmas already :)

Tracey said...

I had such a fab time at breaky this morning, it was so nice. I also enjoyed making our table runners together and can't wait for the next project...
I didn't do any cleaning either.
love me :-)

Tori said...

They look so wonderful Linda! I love all your quilts! Great!

TOri xx

Tracey said...

The same but all so different..... Just Beautiful! I would machine quilt,don't think I'd have the patience for the other.

PinkBlingCrafter said...

OMG!!!! Linda, you quilt is so GORGEOUS and I love the color:)Wow, I wish I knew how to make those!