Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Very very deep.

Okay how are you all
i am now in to week 4 of my Ali Edwards online class and this week we had to do a LO that was personal and deep, it was up to us if we wanted to put it out there in blog land.
I have no problems with everyone knowing my ins and outs and this LO is pretty out there, Andrew cant believe that i am actually going to put it on my blog although he did say that he wished that he could write like i did. High praise indeed coming from one that is very very literate and well read.

Can i first say before you see the LO's that they are all about the story not about the paper or embellishments. The actual story only took me about half an hour to write and for some reason, i don't no why i wrote this piece in Photoshop instead of Word and this took me ages to edit as Photoshop doesn't have spell check or anything, so after about two hours i gave up, printed it, stuck my photo on and a few embellishments and edited it by hand which is now a feature of the page i think. And for some reason the type came out really really small . For those of you who want to read my story i hope you can see it by clicking on each photo. If not stick a magnifying glass in front of the screen.LOL.

Also before you read this might i add this is MY story and how I feel in my own case, i understand that other people don't have the same opinion as me or might think that i am wrong but this is for my kids to read and understand and also later in life its all there in case they want to follow it up. I don't.

Here goes.

Well did you make it to the end?
Pretty deep huh.
may i just add that this is why i scrapbook, sure i like flowers and pretty papers and i am the queen of tools and gizmos but sometimes you just don't need it.

whew a lighter post tomorrow with some patchwork and some cards.

PS . Suzitee i know that you will love this LO.
Thank you all for stopping by.


Tracey said...

This post made me hold my breath. Always remember that its about the story, that is what is going to be important many years from now.
I love it.
love me :-)

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hi Sweet Linda,
WOW! I was in tears in reading your story only because of how wonderful you wrote about your parents and how much you feel your parents wanted you and love you! I think it's great that you decided to write and share with us. I love it too:)You write beautiful!

Tracey said...

Just beautiful Linda, I have tears rolling down my face! I think it is wonderful that you wrote this, you write and express your feelings so well. It is all about the story and you told it so well. Tracey xo

suzitee said...

Now you've made me cry!!!!

Even though I know your story, and we've talked about this before, I am still sitting here with tears rolling down my face. You are so right...I LOVE this page. I think that the corrections make it more authentic (if that's the right word?) and add so much to it.

You are an inspiring scrapper Linda. We can all learn from the heart and soul that you put into your pages...that is by far more important than the latest paper, or a tonne of flowers...even though I know you're not short of either LOL.

WELL DONE YOU...and thanks for sharing xxxx

The Busy Bug said...

Great story...Come on over and visit my blog for another chance to win another Cricut Cart! Bug Hugs :D

Anonymous said...


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Tori said...

hi Linda, i have a bloger award for you over at my blog! I love you page it is just beautiful! great as always!

Tori xx

kathie said...

Wow. That is what scrapbooking is about, Linda. Thanks for sharing your page with us.