Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Last night i finished a LO.
This LO has taken me ages to do and has put me off doing any scrapbooking at all. Why you might ask. Well the photo has a storey with it and i wanted to tell it well, i also had an idea of how i wanted the page to turn out but couldn't bring myself to do it. So in the hard pile it went.

Last night i thought STUFF IT, just do it, and you know what, it was real easy and i am oh so happy with the way it turned out.

Now its not really a pretty page, it does however tell the storey which is exactly what i wanted and thanks to a Friday Photoshop tutorial with Jessica Sprague i was able to do my journalling on the computer.
Its a sad storey with a bittersweet ending.
That doily stamp is oh so pretty and came in my monthly kit from Cocoa Daisy.
And here is the newspaper article..in case you are interested

So yay i did it, i am very happy with it and now i am in the MOOD to SCRAP.
Thanks for dropping by.
PS i have baked yummy things all day today and i will show you tomorrow so if you are on a diet "sorry".


Tracey said...

Your layout is perfect Linda...I love how you were able to tell the story.....which I really enjoyed reading. That doily stamp is just beautiful. Photo shop...? I'd really love to find my way around it. I have a few of Jessica's mags. reading them again would probably help. Can't wait to see what you've been baking...I'm not on a diet!

suzitee said...

Oh Linda...that brought a tear to my eyes! What a wonderful story...I'm thrilled that you got it into your scrapbook. Look out...the scrapping mojo is making a comeback! Woooohooooo for you...if you have any extra mojo, can you pass it on to me? LOL...but I'll settle for baked goods :)

Tracey said...

Well done on the layout, i love it. Sometimes we get so caught up in the prettyness to worry about the story, and we scrapbook to remember to stories.
See you tomorrow.
love me :-)
ps- I am will susan I don't even think I can remember how to scrapbook.

Tori said...

YOur layout, looks wonderful Linda! So pretty, love how you could write a story! Beautiful!

Tori xx

Katherine Thomas said...

Hi LInda, Your layout is very creative and a wonderful tribute... It's so special that you use your talents to preserve those memories for others and yourself! Beautiful work!

Jodie said...

Linda, quite often I am a little put off to do things because I fear they will be challenging but it is always a lovely suprise when they turn out well (and easier). Well done YOU! I'm glad it turned out great for you.