Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Family Gathering catch up +++

Hi there
how are you all?
i thought it was time to show you my progress on my quilt that "the three of us" are doing, just in case you thought i had given up

here are four blocks
and here's a close up of the aeroplane block
i designed this one myself as i wasn't to keen on the block in the pattern, and my cricut was a great help, it cut out the plane, suitcases and clouds. I had intentions of drawing faces in the windows but they didn't come out very well so i will have to wash them off.

my latest block "dads shed" if i remember correctly

and here they are all together so far, yes there is a place for one more block and then after that we have another whole row to add to the bottom, so about 4 or 5 blocks to go.

On Friday the "three of us" caught up for our monthly craft night and although we used some label crew labels this was not a Sweetwater pattern

the first apron i have ever made
and here's how i used a spare label

here's the link to Tracey's blog where you can see all three aprons. Susan made her apron a while ago-just to make sure that it wasn't too hard for Tracey and me, as you may have gathered Susan is our own personal guru at anything that involves sewing machine and thread, i tell you its great to have such fantastic ladies as friends.
OK enough of the mush
i just have to leave you with this cute, cute oh so cute angel i made with my PTI delivery the other day. I bought the dies especially to make her and used 4 layers of cereal boxes glued together 
oh it's just love love love
so so so easy, perfect for gifts and i can think of a 101 ways to use her OK maybe not 101 but at least five starting with a brooch for us to wear at work.

phew did you make it here to the end
one more week of holidays left so i will have to do as much craft as i can
enjoy your week ahead everyone
thanks for stopping by


Tiff said...

Hi! Your quilt is looking amazing! I am so impressed with your apron too! An apron is on my 'to do' list! I LOVE your angel, so gorgeous! Perfect to get in the Christmas spirit too! Have a great week! X

suzitee said...

My little angel is sitting on my desk, and she is just the cutest thing! Thank you so very much...I feel very blessed by our friendship too :) Here's to another week of crafting for you...enjoy!

Jenni said...

Loving your aeroplane block!

Tracey said...

My little angel is sitting on my shelf and I just love it. I am so thrilled with it and very thankful.
And I must say a huge, huge thankyou to you and Susan for our wonderful friendship, I am thankful for it everyday.
love me :-)

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hi Linda, the quilt is looking fabulous!! Love the block with the airplane!! Great job on your 1st apron!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations!!

Bizzy Martine said...

Hi Linda, thanks for following my blog to. I love your quilt!!! And the apron....what a good idea to make him like that!!! I'm gonna try to make an apron like yours.....if I can find the time :-)
Have a nice day or evening for you, I think!!!

Linda Beeson said...

Your quilt is so adorable, cute designs and LOVE that angel! She is gorgeous and would make a new ornament.