Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tea Towels

I do love Sweetwater just as much as i love Fig Tree,  today's crafty interlude comes courtesy of Sweetwater. I purchased the kit for two tea towels and here is one of them. (I whipped it up today)
Oh just look at all of these ruffles

Love love love
and i didn't like the cover of my journal from last post so i changed it

much better i think. The doily is meant to represent a plate.  Caitlin is having a great time, although one of the guys she is travelling with had his wallet and I Phone stolen yesterday so with Caitlin's camera that was stolen on Saturday they are not having much luck.

i am loving looking at every ones December dailys
and that is what i am going to do now, when i get a cup of george.


Tracey said...

oooooo love the ruffles... just finished my tea towel and its going to be hard to give it away.
Love the new cover too.
love me :-)

suzitee said...

Oh so very cute. I actually hate making ruffles, so am happy just looking at yours :) Great to see you updating a bit more lately ;)

Tiff said...

Those ruffles are soooo pretty! I like your journal cover too, nice work!
I went to Kaisercraft yesterday and bought too much stuff... including the retro kitchen selection (Nan's Favourites) and some chips (like your cutlery there) so I need to get busy to justify the expense!!! I have one of those recipe boxes ready to make up so that could be the project for today!
(Unless I just put my feet up, drink tea and read!!!)
I hope your traveller stays safe! X

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hello my dear friend, I hope all is well and forgive me for not stopping by more frequently but, I was preparing for a craft fair which was last Friday! I love all your projects that I've missed and love the ruffles on the towels! I might just have to try it with our SU fabric:) I will post if it's not a disaster LOL!! Thank you for always visiting:)
Much Hugs,