Thursday, December 15, 2011


Yep it's official, i am finally on holidays (from paid work that is) yahoo
Thought you might like to know that one table topper is finished and the other one just has to be bound. another YAHOO. You have no idea how my crafting mood changed as soon as i got it into my head that i was going to make these as gifts. I love giving home made things as gifts but as soon as i said i need to make two before Christmas my brain went into some funny kind of state thinking ah i will do it later but then when i went to do something else my brain would be telling me you need to do this first so in the end i was doing nothing. DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ANYONE out there. So i have learnt a lesson, i will make extra things for myself when i feel like it and put them away in a pile so i will have some gifts on hand.

Okey dokey

Here's a card i made and i must say that i quite like it (even if i do say so myself)
Everything is Papertray Ink, i may just have to make another one in pink tones as its one of my friends favourite colour and her birthday is coming up.

Here's some more of my food journal

inside the cover i put this little pocket to keep receipts and business cards etc.
Here's my first page, i found this wonderful app for my IPhone called Diptic that makes little collages of your photos, i think most of my photos will be like this in the journal.

and another page. We literally fell upon this restaurant at Hillarys, the food was nice and the views were glorious but this is my food journal so no photos of the ocean.

The weekend will be spent putting the final touches to the table toppers ie) signing them on the back and making up two cute how to labels-how to wash me and "what i am"-just in case my friends don't exactly know.

Enjoy your Friday everyone, i will as i am out to Grilled for lunch on the first day of my holidays. More photos for my journal
oh and my Project Life is on its way, another YAHOOooooooooooooo


suzitee said...

WOOOHOOOOO! Holidays at last! I don't make handmade for gifts as a rule, because that is usually enough to put me in FULL procrastination mode LOL. You'll be pleased to see the back of those tabletoppers!
Loving your food journal, and can't wait to see your PL kit.
WOOOOHOOOO....holidays at last!

Tiff said...

Isn't it wonderful to be on holidays! I love that card, it would be pretty in pink too. Your food journal is very impressive as well, I like the sound of that app, I wil look out for it when my new iPhone arrives next week!!! I am always fluffing around with far too many projects on the go at once... sometimes not getting anything done at all! X

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

I must resist from adding this photo app you mentioned to my phone - I waste far to much time with these gadgets as it is!
I love the look of your journal - especially the pockets.
Have a wonderful break Linda

Tammy said...

Ohhh I love your food journal! and the grid on that card is gorgeous is that a die or did you create the pattern with en edger or something? I'm so out of the paper crafting loop right now.