Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cards Quilts and A Storey

Hi there
its a beautiful day today here in WA i hope your day is as nice as ours.
I have made a couple of cards this week, here's one
The idea came from the Papertrey Ink Gallery and uses PTI dies with Stampin Up ink and cardstock
here's another one

I was making some felt flowers (will show you another time) and had some left over felt on my desk so i used it on this card.
and leaving the very best till last

I love love love this one. Its a lift and the designers name is Julie and i forgot to write her link down, i will find it and add it later. The butterfly's are a Hero Arts digital stamp that i have printed and cut out.
On to other things
Now because i obviously have heaps of time on my hands and NO unfinished quilts in my basket (I LIE) or cards to make or LO's to do oh wait i haven't even mentioned cooking cleaning and ironing yet have i? Now this is the perfect time to start another quilt and join a stitch a long. (The link is in my side bar) Here are my first two blocks

I am trying needle-turn which is a different type of applique for those of you who don't sew. On My family gathering applique i am doing blanket stitch, just in case you are wondering and following my progress. Anyway for this quilt i am using more Fig Tree, this time its Buttercup. Love heart love my Fig Tree.

And now its on to the storey
I had no intention of wasting my precious time going to see the Queen. Na, no, not interested.
On the day of her arrival in Perth i had to go and pick Joe up from work and as his work place is on the route that the Queen would be driving down i thought i would go early to avoid the traffic. Which i did.
I had half an hour to wait for Joe and from the car i could see the road and hundreds of people lined up on the far side of the street. So i thought why not go for a stroll across the park and wait with all the masses, after all you will only be sitting in the car checking out Pinterest on your I Phone. So off i toddled.
When i got to the highway everyone and i mean hundreds of people were lined up on the opposite side of the road. This didn't appeal to me at all so i sat with two other losers  people and waited and waited and watched all of the police cars and motor bikes then finally the motorcade arrives and low and behold can you believe it the queen was sitting in the side of the car that was closest to us, so when i say the queen waved to me well she did b/c there was only three of us on this side of the road. All those poor people on the other side of the ladies with me was beyond happy and excited which probably rubbed of on me a teeny bit. So alas after all that i toddled back to the car and waited for Joe.
Enjoy your Sunday evening everyone


suzitee said...

I am LOVING your quilt blocks! Great job on the needleturn too...I still haven't decided what I'm doing with mine. Your story about the Queen is so funny...I can just imagine you rolling your eyes :)

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hi Linda, I was laughing at your Queen story my friend too funny:) Love the cards and and love the blocks too!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Linda:)

Tracey said...

Hi Linda, love your Queen story cool is that!Great cards , specially that last one. Love the quilt block too!
Looking forward to visiting WA...its my first time.I don't know where Mandy is compared to where you live, but it would be great to meet you.

Tracey said...

OMG! LMAO! love the queen story and the cards are just divine. You blocks are coming along just fine.
love me :-)

Chookyblue...... said...

everyone needs a new sewing look great........
lol your Queen story........I would have loved to go see the Queen.......but she was too far away......

Tiff said...

I love the red and white cards and that umbrella looks amazing!! x