Monday, December 19, 2011

Just in time

Hello there
it was my work luncheon today where i wanted to give my table toppers too my two wonderful co-workers.
Yesterday saw me frantically sewing on the binding for number two TT and making some cute tags.
So without further adieu
here they are
and here they are again with this cute tag

and here's a close up of the tag (my PTI dies and stamps came in so useful here)

As these were made to go on a table i made them with a great cheap wadding that makes washing easier. Of the two girls one uses a dryer and the other is appalled by this and prefers good old fashioned sunshine so i stipulated both on my little tag. I must say that i never hand wash any of my quilts and quite often throw them in the dryer, after all i do have this super sized washing machine. (ok maybe i am lazy-a little bit).

Here's a card identical to the one in my last post but in pink.
Now has everyone finished their Christmas shopping? I am nearly done and will finish it of on Wednesday.
The postie dropped of my Project Life so i am going to go and unwrap it now.
Enjoy your night.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What gorgeous Table Toppers Linda!! I bet your friends were delighted. Love those sweet tags to match.

Enjoy your well deserved summer break. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

Tracey said...

So not far how come you got your PL and I didn't boo hoo.
Love the table toppers and I would love one thanks for asking LOL.
love me :-)

suzitee said... finished! So impressed by your dedication, Linda! They look lovely, and I bet the girls loved them. does PL look? Photos please!

Jenni said...

It must have been hard to part with the Table Toppers!

They look lovely.