Friday, April 30, 2010

A Woolly Latte Anyone?

A little bit of knitting has been done this week and no paper crafts at all. Here is my Woolly Latte, it looks cute but I must say that when i sat down last night and had my much anticipated Latte (remember i am only allowed one a day) i was a little disappointed as it felt like i had a mouth full of fur every time i took a sip. Now this didn't put me off as i had some left over yarn and made another one. I think they would be really cute for gifts with the mug and maybe some choccies inside. My scarf is all finished and i really love it. Love this yarn and the colours. Did i tell you that i am not a scarf person, well i am now.
You know that i spend all of my Sunday mornings ironing, well it wont take as long now. I was very lucky during the week to be given this Steam Maid iron, yes it looks like it came from the 1930's but i tell you what its amazing.

Now when you have super huge feet it is very hard to get any shoes at all and with the winter months coming i must confess to wearing slippers. "If your feet are warm then the rest of you is warm" so my swimming coach used to say. Anyway how could i walk past these cuties at my local supermarket last night. Way to cute (I call them my Susan slipper socks-as Susan loves dots).

I have a busy weekend planned, what have you all got happening.


Jenni said...

Firstly, I LOVE those woolly latte things! Gorgeous, hey, you could always use it as a muff! (I know, a REALLY small muff!)

And...I've been thinking about getting one of those steam irons,so do tell!

Katherine Thomas said...

Cute stuff! I love the knit lattes! Knitting takes a very special talent, and you are good at it! (I've tried to knit, with frustrating results) I enjoyed all your new creations!

suzitee said...

Arrrggghhhhhh! LOVE LOVE LOVE all your goodies today! The woolly latte cover is so cute! The scarf is to die for! The spotty little slippers are soooooooo adorable! You clever knitting girl, you! And I need to know more about the steam iron too :)
Have a great weekend (wink)...I'll forward to a full report of your happenings :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a productive week you have had Linda - love your woolly latte cup cover - very cute, and your scarf looks amazing. I have always wondered about those irons - I love steam when I am sewing and seem to go through an iron every 6 -12 months. Will be interested to hear more about yours.

Rumi said...

Busy girl! Love all the knit goodies--especially the gorgeous scarf! I laughed about the fur in the mouth comment!

Stay warm!

Tracey said...

WOW I love this post, so much going on and all of it cute. Okay except the iron but tie your cute scarf around it and there you have a cute iron. Love the woolley latte, can't wait to get to mine but still knitting my scarf. Had a wee problem last night but my lovely mum helped me out.
Looking forward to bag making night. Have a great weekend.
love me :-)

Janellybelly said...

You are a knitting queen, it all looks so gorgeous! I have been reading knitting fiction this week - 'Knit 2' & 'Knit the Season' (Books 2&3 in 'The Friday Night Knitting Club' series).

Yuliana said...

ute mug cozy and scarf. maybe for the cozy, next time you can shortened it.