Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where to begin

Yesterday i had such fun.
Susan, Tracey and I went on an excursion, a craft excursion and wow was it fun, we got lost, laughed lots, spent lots (well 2 of us did, one was very good), drooled/dreamt/wished lots.
My photos aren't in order sorry.
Our second stop was in Wembly at Woolly Lattes where we had lunch and amazing coffee, yes I just had to buy some. You should have seen Tracey's face when her latte was presented with a little fluffy warmer wrapped around it (Susan and Tracey both took photos- I forgot my camera-what kind of scrapbooker am i?) Of course we couldn't leave this shop without buying the kit to make these latte warmers. They come with wool, coffee mug and the most adorable polka dot needles. Our first stop was Calico & Ivy in Mosman Park. The purpose of our visit was to buy some fabric for a project that we are going to make together and as you can see by the next photo i got a bit sidetracked. Just look at this yarn, isn't it divine, it's kind of like ribbon oh so yummy, of course i just had to buy some. Luckily the lady at the shop said that you need to roll it into a ball before you use it. Well as soon as i got home that is what i was doing and it took me four hours (I nearly gave up, I nearly got the scissors out and cut out the knots but i didn't). Then after dinner i started knitting my scarf, almost done, will show you later.
Now here is my fabric and underneath that Africany looking piece is a sold dark brown-sorry you cant actually see it. Now the trim and the felt don't actually belong to the project but they were calling out to me and i had to buy them. The three of us have such different tastes in colours it's amazing, which is a good thing. I am so predictible, look at the trim and felt they nearly match the colours of my fabric but that's me, i love earthy colours.

On Friday i received a little/big Stampin Up order and have made some STUFF that i will show you tomorrow along with my Anzac Day photos where Joe marched once again but this time with my dads medals. It was a moving day.
Off now to do some knitting or play with my SU.
Keep well.


suzitee said...

LOL LOL LOL....oh dear...four hours you say? Sorry...I really shouldn't laugh tee hee hee.Can't believe you've nearly finished the scarf, I DEFINITELY should've bought that wool for would've had it made in NO time!
Thanks for a great girls are very special to me :)
What an emotional ANZAC day for you and your family...hugs to you xxx

Janellybelly said...

Sounds like you had a fantasttic day out with the girls :) I can't wait to see your latte warmer & scarf.

Tracey said...

Wahooooooooo! how much fun did we have. I'm not sure which was the best part, it was all sooooo good. It was so good to laugh out loud but it was even more fun to share the day with such wonderful friends. Bag making day here we come. Can't wait to see your scarf, I am itching to do mine but need to finish my crochet first.
love me :-)

Sonya Thair said...

Sounds like you had alot of fun. I like the polka dot needles they are cute xx

Rumi said...

Hi Linda, just catching up with you. Love the yarn and can't wait to see the completed scarf. All of your cards are beautiful.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Sounds like a wonderful day out! I usually get my DH to wind my yarn and floss - he has more patience than me :-) Can't wait to see your scarf - that yarn looks gorgeous.

Tammy James said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you did with your new SU goodies! Sounds like a fun day out too!

Jenni said...

You and your Mum must have been really proud of Joe

Yuliana said... took up knitting :))
Lovely yarn.

FawnKreations said...

I cannot wait to see the scarf from this gorgeous yarn!! =)