Sunday, May 9, 2010

2 weeks in 1

I have been sitting at the PC trying to load these photos for the last hour and guess what I AM OVER IT.
Anyway one has been so tired this last week that i haven't posted anything for a while.
Last weekend I was very lucky to meet a fellow blogger all the way from Queensland. Tereesa and i have been chatting for a while now and it was great that we actually met in person. Tereesa is a designer for Scrappy Go Lucky and was over here for a workshop, so of course i had to do the workshop just to meet her. Unfortunately everything that we made has already been put to use and i didn't get to take a photo. Now believe it or not I finally got to make a HANDBAG (yahoooo). Tracey and I went to the beautiful Susan's to get a lesson in bag making. You must click on this link Tracey has explained our fun night really well and its worth a read.

This is Tracey's bag
This is Susan's bag (her second one i might add)

and this is my bag....

So of i toddled this morning (mothers day) to my brothers for a brunch with my new handbag excitedly showing my SIL my new bag and oh dear the only thing she liked about it was the fabric-guess i wont be making her one for Christmas. Never mind i LOVE my bag and that's all that matters....

Now i got very spoilt today, flowers galore, all of the housework done for me yesterday, some Clarins lotions & potions (my favourite) and best of all my car washed inside and out. Out to brunch then home again to make a LO and a little bit of crafty play. What did you all do?
Here is my LO. It's another hybrid. The house template comes from Basic Grey and was so easy to use and i got to use a Technique Tuesday stamp set that i have had for a while and never used, it's appropriately called "home sweet home". I had fun making this LO it seems ages since i did one.
Now on the diet front am going through a hard patch, not that i have eaten anything bad (been very good) in 3 weeks i haven't even lost a kilo, 100grams here, 300grams there. Very disappointing i guess this is the bit where some people give up, Not me I will keep going but i tell ya i had better lose more than 100grams this week.

OK this has been a long post hope you made it with me to the end. I also hope that you had/or are having a beautiful Mothers Day.
Have a wonderful week FRIENDS.
Linda xx


suzitee said...

Well, I think your bag is GORGEOUS and you did a great job on it!
Happy Mothers Day to you, so glad you got deserve it! Still haven't caught up on my sleep...must be getting old LOL.
Have a great week xxx

Tammy James said...

Hi Linda, Happy Mothers day! I love the bag, the design is great they all look lovely!

TereesaC said...

Hi Linda,
I absolutely love all the bags - will have to check these out further. Also - loving the house layout. Happy Mother's Day to you too - glad you had a great day and that your car is finally clean for you LOL.
Tereesa. xxxx

Janellybelly said...

Happy's Mothers Day Linda :) I am so glad you've finally got to have some bag making lessons, your bag is just gorgeous!

Katherine Thomas said...

The bags are great! I love the shape of them as well as the fabric! I'll take one in madras plaid for summer, please. I had to laugh about the SIL. I don't think I've ever met anybody who gets good vibes from their SIL. (My own two SILs would have given me some sort of back-handed compliment just like yours did.) Glad your family pampered you a bit! You deserve it!

FawnKreations said...

Those handbags are soooo cute!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I am sure your bag will be the first of many Linda!! It is such a fun design and it is surprising how different they all look with your different fabric choices.

Wow - your car washed - I had better start dropping hints to my son:=)

Tracey said...

Happy Mothers Days. I love your bag but loved making it with you and Susan even more. How lucky are we... I had a great mothers day too.
love me:-)

Rumi said...

I think your bag turned out lovely! Very nice pattern.